New public-access computer can help with county tax questions

MARSHALL – Providing public information is one of the many services that county government offices provide. But changing technology means getting that information doesn’t always mean waiting at an office counter.

Take the new computer station at the Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer Office, for example. The public-access terminal is a new addition to the office and offers another way for members of the public to look up tax or property information, said Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer E.J. Moberg.

“It’s a convenience for taxpayers, to be able to see the information,” Moberg said. “We’d like to get the information out there,” that the resource is available to the public, he said.

Moberg said the computer station has been up and running for about three weeks, but the idea was something the county had been considering for a while. The station is equipped with a public-access version of the same tax records program the county uses.

“It’s very similar to what’s available on the county website,” Moberg said, but the information is more detailed and covers more of a property’s tax history. Moberg said the county auditor/treasurer, assessor’s and recorder’s offices have coordinated on making the computer station possible.

Members of the public using the computer station can look up a wide variety of information, Moberg said. For example, they can search for a particular property in Lyon County by its parcel number or the name of its owner. From there, they could look at the property’s taxable market value, its tax history going back several years, or even information related to determination of ditch benefits. One search option allows people to look up “Truth in Taxation” information on a property.

Moberg said the information available through the computer station could be helpful for people looking at buying or selling a property, or people with questions about their property values or tax information.

Moberg said staff at the auditor/treasurer’s office will be able to help customers with using the program. The activity on the public station is shown on two computer screens, with one screen visible to office staff. That way, Moberg said, if a customer has questions, “Staff can see what they’re looking at, and help assist them.”

The public computer station will be open during the auditor/treasurer office’s regular business hours, Moberg said. However, members of the public can access some tax information through the county website, at

“That can be done from anywhere,” Moberg said.

Moberg said another helpful feature on the county website is interactive mapping, available through the county Geographical Information Systems. Members of the public can zoom in on a property in Lyon County, get plat information and even find out other factors like a property’s walking distance from amenities like parks, restaurants and schools.