Board approves permit for power line move

MARSHALL – The relocation of a power line in Stanley and Fairview townships was one of the items on the agenda for Lyon County commissioners on Tuesday. Commissioners voted to approve a conditional use permit for the project.

Luke Olson presented commissioners with the county Planning and Zoning Board’s recommendations on moving a 41.6 kilovolt transmission line owned by the Ottertail Power Company. The line needs to be moved to make way for construction on the CapX 2020 transmission line project, Olson said. The Planning and Zoning Board recommended approving the move, along a route running west and south from a substation in Section 28 of Stanley Township. The line would run west from the substation, south along Lyon County Road 9, and west again along the half-section line in Section 32 of Stanley Township. Olson said part of the recommended route would jog further south and follow the quarter-section line, before moving back to the half-section line. The power line route would then turn north along 280th Avenue to a point of connection.

Commissioners voted to approve a conditional use permit to move the power line.

Commissioners discussed several other items Tuesday, including possible repairs on the Lyon County Historical Museum’s roof. County facilities manager Ron Krause said the museum is having problems with an oil leak in the air-conditioning unit on the roof. The oil leak damaged the roof and allowed water to enter.

Krause said he obtained an estimate from Buysse Roofing Systems on what it would cost to replace the roof membrane and insulation. The estimate came to $76,000. A new roof on the museum’s loading dock area would cost an additional $9,500, Krause said.

Commissioners voted to move ahead with the process of obtaining quotes for the roof work. However, Commissioner Steve Ritter asked Krause if, in the future, general estimates could be made without a contractor’s name attached. Naming a contractor could affect the quotes the county receives, he said.

Commissioners voted to accept a petition from Roger and Steve Coudron to build a private tile line with an outlet going into County Ditch 68. The tile would drain a 40-acre parcel of land in Clifton Township. County ditch inspector Todd Hammer said there have been two other outlets built on the ditch system in the past five years.

If commissioners appointed ditch viewers for the petition, Lyon County Attorney Rick Maes said, he recommended that one or more of the viewers have an engineering background. Commissioners voted to accept the ditch petition and appoint three viewers.

Commissioners voted to approve a landfill permit renewal, engineering and consulting contract with SAIC, for the Lyon County sanitary landfill. SAIC’s services under the contract would include planning for an additional cell at the landfill. Building the new cell would help keep the landfill operational until 2022, a SAIC representative said.