Lincoln County Board to look into building expansion

IVANHOE – At the urging of Sheriff Jack Vizecky and Emergency Manager Jeanna Sommers, the Lincoln County Board agreed to advertise for an architect to consider plans to build two wings on the east and west side of the passage link between the county courthouse and the law enforcement center.

Commissioner Don Evers was the lone dissenting vote.

The board has only approved seeking bids to draw up plans and provide a cost estimate so far.

Vizecky provided a preliminary non-professional drawing of the proposed additions and a “guesstimate” total cost of about $400,000.

According to Vizecky and Sommers, the space is needed to provide office cubicles for deputies, three of whom are sharing one desk at present, training space and space for the next generation of 911 call processing and emergency radio communication equipment.

The board took a break during its regularly scheduled meeting and took a short tour of the law enforcement center. As it happened, there was a training session going on in the room used for the purpose, with law enforcement and emergency personnel crowded shoulder to shoulder around the table.

In other business, on Environmental Director Robert Olsen’s recommendation, the board agreed to donate eight window unit air conditioners formerly used in the courthouse to St. Edward Catholic School in Minneota, pending its acceptance of the units.

Olsen also reported to the board on the status of jurisdictional disputes involving county ditches with the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

County Ditch 33 runs across protected wetland the Corps of Engineers claims jurisdiction over. Olsen told the board the county environmental department has come up with a plan to re-engineer the ditch so as not to impact the wetland.

County Ditch 2 has about 1,800 feet that runs across land acquired by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. The ditch has recently been cleaned along all the length within county jurisdiction. Olsen informed the board that with its agreement he intended to notify Fish and Wildlife of his intention to treat the area under its jurisdiction as any other landowner, clean the ditch pile the spoilage by the side of the ditch and flatten it.

On the recommendation of Acting Engineer Dustin Hauschild, the board voted to accept a bid from AAA Striping for road marking of about 73 miles of county roads at a cost of $32,400.