RALCO Feeds claims 2013 horseshoe title

RALCO Feeds defeated Tracy Food Pride 10-7 to win the championship of the SWMN Traveling Horseshoe League on Tuesday.

Don Ebbinga and Dale Wieme each captured three matches to lead RALCO Feeds. Wally Runia added two match victories and Rolland Dobberstein had one.

Lanny Iverson topped Tracy Food Pride after winning three matches. Henry Hay followed with two victories, while Howie Greenman and Steve Hay added one match win apiece.

RALCO Feeds had three of the top five point scorers, including Ebbinga (162), Wieme (152) and Runia (137). Tracy Food Pride placed Henry Hay (153) and Iverson (151) on that list.

The top five who scored ringers were Ebbinga (RF) 59, Iverson (TFP) 48, Runia (RF) 47, Wieme (RF) 42 and Greenman (TFP) 41.