Growing together

The theme for our upcoming 2013-2014 campaign was inspired by two things. The first being the five counties we call home-Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, western Redwood, and Yellow Medicine and the people who reside here.

Through the building blocks of education, income (financial stability), health, safety & well-being, and united against hunger we can affect true community change right hereright nowtogether.

The second was an article written by Hildy Gottlieb titled, “Community Engagement: Gardening in the Front Yard” that ran in the June 4 issue of the Huffington Post.

The article described how planting a garden in your front yard instead of the typical backyard garden is what community engagement is all about. The article went on to illustrate that by gardening in the front yard, a community is able to see the hard work, sweat, and effort behind the success. It fosters two-way communicationwhere all parties learn and grow from each other. Relationships grow and deepen. Barriers come down. Individuals feel connected and invested in whether the garden (or community) grows and flourishes. Everyone has a stake in our future. By investing in each other, across southwest Minnesota, we can grow together and make this an even better place to call home.

Think Local. Take a moment to think about all of the local programs that are impacted by a gift to the United Way of Southwest Minnesota. You may have benefited from one or more of themor your children or grandchildren may have benefitedor your neighboror your best friend. The list goes on. We’re sure you know the faces of at least one individual or family who have been touched.

Give Local. When you give to the United Way of Southwest Minnesota, your gift stays local. It is invested here to benefit our five counties and make long lasting community change.

Grow Local. Let’s Grow Together. Help us make true community impact while gardening in the front yard. This year’s campaign goal is $555,555.55. Please invest in your family, your friends, your neighbors and your community to create opportunities for a better today and a brighter tomorrowfor all of us. Thank you for LIVING UNITED.