SMSU briefs for Sept. 4

Simon named Humphrey Policy fellow

Southwest Minnesota State University Political Science Professor Doug Simon has been named a Policy Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs for the 2013-14 program.

He is one of 38 individuals selected for the unique educational experience, designed to help participants hone their leadership skills, build their professional network and define their unique role in the policy process.

Simon has been at SMSU since 1998. The Estelline, S.D., native had his nomination endorsed by the Minnesota Army National Guard. On Sept. 15, Simon, a lieutenant colonel, will serve as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate for the 34th Infantry Division, located in Rosemount.

As a Humphrey Policy Fellow, he will meet with 37 other fellows on a monthly basis beginning in September. The group will complete its work on June 6, 2014. They will spend a week in Washington, D.C., at some point, said Simon.

“The 38 people will break into smaller groups,” he said. “They’ll identify an underserved area within Minnesota, come together as a project team and then try and come up with solutions to the identified problem. The groups will then present a plan.”

The Policy Fellows program invites participants to develop a greater understanding of policy and public affairs and to incorporate this knowledge into their leadership roles across the state.

Fellows come from across the state and represent business, non-profit and government sectors.

“Policy Fellows are the bridge builders of our civic life,” said professor Lawrence Jacobs, who directs the program. “From a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, they come together to find new ways to talk about and address our most challenging public problems.”

Vice President Walter Mondale and award-winning journalist and former ambassador to the Netherlands Geri Joseph began the Policy Fellows program in 1990.

Simon and his wife, Molly, have three children: Isaac, 8; Emelia, 3; and Michael, 1.