Teen’s got talent

MARSHALL – Last year, 13-year-old Meredith Bock sang in Marshall’s Sounds of Summer talent show.

She may not have won, but her singing got some notice, and she was asked to be part of the free stage entertainment at the Lyon County Fair this past August.

For the last year-and-a-half, the Holy Redeemer School seventh-grader has been taking voice lessons. Bock has also been involved with several theater productions, sings country music and has a love of musicals.

“They’re my favorite,” Bock said about musicals. “It just all winds into something I really like.”

Bock said that after she took part in the Sounds of Summer talent show, she was asked to sing at the Marshall Adult Community Center.

“I sang (there) two times,” she said.

Deloris Richards, who helps coordinate the free stage entertainment at the fair, asked Bock if she wanted to sing at the 2013 Lyon County Fair.

“I’m always looking for someone like that, (and) local,” Richards said. “I thought she did really good.”

To get her into some more country music, Bock said her grandfather suggested trying to do some LeAnn Rimes.

“I had never heard of her, so I listened to ‘Blue,’ and I really liked it,” Bock said. Bock also performs three of Patsy Cline’s songs – “Crazy,” “Walking After Midnight” and “I Fall To Pieces.” She said “I Fall To Pieces” is kind of hard as it starts out low, and she’s been trying to hit that range.

She said that her voice lessons have been helping her improve her breathing.

“And get my range a little wider as well,” she said. Bock sings both alto and soprano.

“Meredith is very talented,” said HRS music teacher Anna Lenz. “She shows a lot of musicianship in her singing.”

Bock is also dramatic with her singing, Lenz said.

“She picks up on parts well,” Lenz said.

Another song that Bock put into her repertoire is Roseanne Cash’s “Tennessee Flat Top Box.”

To prepare for her time on the fair’s free stage, Bock stayed dedicated.

“I had to do it (rehearse) a lot every day, and I got really comfortable with it, and I thought I was ready,” she said.

When she got on stage at the fair, Bock said she did freak out a little.

“Once I saw everybody there, I was like ‘I can’t do this Mom,'” Bock said.

But it was OK once she got started singing, Bock said.

“It’s my passion,” Bock said about singing. “It gets everything out of my head, and I just really love it.”