Thanks for sticking around

To the editor:

Thanks to the man driving the BMW convertible outside Bremer Bank over Labor Day weekend. There had been a suspicious looking man walking from the opposite direction when I was approaching the ATM. The man in the BMW convertible had just driven up to the ATM. I walked and stood a distance behind the BMW to wait my turn to use the ATM. It was Sunday so there weren’t any other people around at the bank. I felt really uncomfortable when the man, who was kind of scruffy and unkempt, walked by.

So, as the man in the BMW got done I asked him to stick around for a bit while I used the ATM and that I felt uncomfortable when “that man walked by.” He said, “sure.” Then I used the ATM and I told him, “Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.” He said, “Have a nice and safe day.” Then he drove off and I walked toward home.

Your help was appreciated. It’s nice to know there are kind and helpful individuals out there.

Christine Bean