Lincoln County votes to replace tile in Royal Township

IVANHOE – The Lincoln County Board had a somewhat shorter meeting than usual on Tuesday, with commissioners Richard Hammer and Don Evers absent, but it did take care of a couple of issues.

On the recommendation of Environmental Director Robert Olsen, the board authorized the expenditure of $7,500 to replace 300 feet of 24-inch drainage tile in Royal Township.

The clay tile was originally installed in 1919, according to Olsen, and had become blocked by tree root infiltration.

The tile will be replaced with modern 24-inch double-wall plastic tile, and the cost assessed to the ditch.

Vince Robinson, director of the Lincoln County Enterprise Development Corporation, and Liz Larkin of the Trails Committee informed the board of their plans to apply for a state Legacy Grant to start obtaining easements and building four miles of trail from the Tyler Golf Course to Stony Point campground.

The project is the first phase of a planned 15-mile trail.

The board authorized a bond sale for Nov. 19 to refinance obligations held by the Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System. The bond sale is estimated to save about $258,000 on current obligations. Lincoln County is acting solely as the bonding authority, said Chairperson Joan Jagt.

The board voted to accept the lower of two bids submitted to replace box culverts in Royal and Shaokatan townships.

Midwest Contracting LLC of Marshall submitted the winning bid of $440,000.

Central Specialties Inc. of Alexandria submitted the only other bid, of $554,000. The engineering estimate by the Lincoln County Highway Department was $526,000.