Nice day for a Walk(about)

MARSHALL – After a decidedly rocky start to the day weather wise, Thursday evening turned out just right for walking around downtown Marshall.

The Marshall Downtown Business Association presented the third annual Walkabout Thursday.

BlueGreen flower shop co-owner Christine Lehman said the Walkabout’s purpose is to promote downtown businesses and invite people to shop locally.

“So far so good,” Lehman said. “We’re happy it’s a beautiful day.”

Other business owners remarked that the Walkabout was a chance for Marshall area residents to check out stores they may not have been to before.

“It exposes people to all the varied businesses downtown,” said Mary Taylor, the owner of Shiatsu Massage Center. “It’s a great idea and a wonderful event.”

People coming to Urban Hollywood, Peggy Lamote’s clothing shop, for the first time were discovering that the store wasn’t just for young people.

“They’re finding out that we cater to different ages,” Lamote said.

Some Walkabouters told Janna Milbradt, the owner of the Purple Iris Yarn Shop, that they would see her again.

“We’ve had a good crowd,” Milbradt said. “People mention they’ll come back. They’re seeing lots of good bargains.”

Participants began the walk at the Lyon County Museum where their ticket entitled them to receive a passport and shopping bag. Shoppers visited the many downtown businesses and collected stickers and entered drawings. They ended the evening at The Mercantile for dinner and prizes.