Lyon County Board of Commissioners

September 26, 2013


August 6, 2013

A summary of the Proceedings of the Lyon County Board

8:30 a.m. Joint teleconference with Redwood County to Appoint Drainage Authority 14 R&L.

MSP to appoint the Joint Authority.

MSP to appoint Anderson as chair of JD 14 R&L

MSP to appoint Walling as Vice Chair.

MSP to hold a hearing at the Wabasso Community Center on September 9 at 2:00 p.m. and in the Lyon County Government Center on September 10 at 9:00 a.m. in rooms CR 1, 2 and 3, contingent that Kurt Deter will be available to attend both hearings.

9:00 a.m. pursuant to notice the Lyon County Commissioner me with the following members present: Commissioners Anderson, Sanow, Ritter, Goodenow and Stensrud. Also present: County Administrator Stomberg, County Attorney Maes.

MSP to approve agenda with changes.

Consent Agenda:

1. Approve Minutes from 7-30-2013

2. Approve Commissioner Warrants134420-134554 dated 08/07/13 in the amount of $357,066.33.

3. Approve Auditor Warrants134344-134373 dated 07/18/13 in the amount of $2,228,926.83; warrants 134374-134394 dated 07/25/13 in the amount of $123,056.80; warrants 134406-134419 dated 08/01/13 in the amount of 150,002.00.

4. Approve Per Diems & Expenses

MSP to approve the consent agenda.

MSP to enter into an agreement with the City of Lynd.

MSP to accept the CHS donation of $4,000 for announcer/concession stand at fairgrounds.

Joint Teleconference with Murray County to appoint Board members to JD 20 L/M/R Joint Board

MSP to appoint Moline as Chair.

MSP to appoint Ritter as Vice Chair.

MSP to cast a unanimous ballot to appoint Ritter as Vice Chair.

MSP to accept the resolution to appoint Duane Hansel.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23 a.m.

MSP to approve the purchase from Jayco Industries, a post mounted drop box in the amount of $750.

MSP to purchase the ATM from ATM Guys at a cost of $2,295 and set up a special account with $6,000 for the ATM machine and authorize a purchase of a security camera and authorize Moberg as the contact person.

MSP to approve a contract with Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce in the amount of $3,500 per month for 2014.

MSP to accept the low bid of $148,722 from Midwest Contracting.

MSP to appropriate $10,000 for the Tracy Pubic Library accessibility project and grant.

MSP to approve the County Recognition program and picnic on September 17 with a budget not to exceed $1,500.

MSP to spend up to $4,500 for the purchase of devices for the paperless agenda management system.

MSP to adjourn at 12:25 p.m.

A copy of these proceedings are available in the County Administrator Office of Lyon County and also available at