A ‘smart’ business

MARSHALL -?Justin Greenwood, the owner of Wireless Nerds, a home automation company, has been setting up his firm since March 1 out of his offices on 3rd Street in Marshall. Slowly, through word-of-mouth, he has been outfitting Marshall homes with the latest technology – all run through their smart phones.

He said it’s hard to tell people what he does.

“It’s more like, ‘what do you want?'” he said.

He recently set up a home with music and cameras. The owner can put what kind of speakers he wants in rooms and can control it with his cell phone. Also with his phone he can monitor his house and garage throughout the day.

In addition, Greenwood can set up a person’s thermostat that can be accessed from “anywhere,” he said.

Greenwood has one in his home.

“It’s a smart thermostat program,” he said. “You use it for two weeks, and it gets to know your habits. They send you a monthly notice saying how much energy you used. In the first month that I’ve used it I saved 80 dollars. In three months, it paid for itself.”

Greenwood said he likes equipment that is as user-friendly as possible, “then you are going to use it.”

Greenwood says the home automation programs can send you “alerts for when doors are open. They can turn your Christmas lights on, let you know when the kids are home, turn lights on, anything that uses electricity.”

Greenwood says there is no need to buy extra equipment.

“It all uses what you already have – a smart phone or a tablet,” he said. “Typically, 80 percent of the people in town have that.”

Greenwood sold cell phones in Marshall for 10 years, “so I have a pretty good background,” he said.

Greenwood’s home is set up to monitor each room and the outside of his home.

“If someone goes into my garage, it alerts me,” he said. “If someone comes into my house, I can take pictures and send them to the police.”

Greenwood said the program is useful for “mostly indoor use. Outdoor is more complicated.”

Internet, fast Internet, is needed for home automation, Greenwood says. Marshall is well set up, and the neighboring cities are coming along.

“I mainly work in Marshall because of Internet speed,” he said.

Greenwood said the technology is cutting edge.

“A lot of my product didn’t come out ’til last month,” he said.

For more information, Greenwood suggests people Google “Wireless Nerds” and hit “like” on his Facebook page.