Sneak on a plane… post-9/11?

9-year-old boy walks into one of the largest airports in the country, sneaks by security checkpoints and then onto a plane without anyone knowing, and no one realizes anything out of the ordinary until after the plane from Minneapolis to Las Vegas is airborne.

Sounds like a movie script. But it’s not. It happened. And it originated right here in Minnesota.

And we should be scared out of our minds.

While the story itself is somewhat amusing at first glance, the very thought something like this can happen post-9/11 is beyond belief.

Certainly this boy has a better chance of blending into and getting lost in the crowd as an adult would, but this is absolutely one red flag that should not be lowered anytime soon.

If a child can outfox a professional security team at an international airport, who’s to say an adult – a would-be well-prepared hijacker – can’t pull off the same thing?

Has vigilance in this country ceased to exist, or is it only the general public who are expected to practice it now more than ever? That can’t be. Airport security is held to a high standard, especially since 9/11, and it let us down. We were lucky this time, but what happened at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last week has turned into a national story, and you can bet there are people out there with bad intentions who see an opportunity here.

Blame the parents if you think you must, but more fingers should be pointed at airport security and the airline. This incident should cost people their jobs. The good news is, nothing tragic came out of this story and hopefully lessons have been learned. The bad news is, the airports in this country continue to have some serious issues with security.

Sadly, no longer can we assume that all will be secure when we fly, if we ever did since 2001.