Obamacare: Leaving us out in the rain

We might not agree with everything Tea Party member Sen. Ted Cruz has to say, but one thing he is right on is his description of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, as a “train wreck.”

The rollout of Obamacare has proven to be problematic enough to force the president to address the media, which he did Monday, saying “Nobody is more frustrated than I am.”

“Problematic” is actually being nice. And it’s safe to say Mr. Obama’s frustration is matched by that of anyone who has encountered problems when shopping online for healthcare. This is a program uninsured Americans have to, by law, sign up for; there is no Plan B. And if that’s the case, the rollout should’ve been as simple and problem-free as humanly possible. But it isn’t.

The exchange sites opened Oct. 1, and the White House says more than 19 million people have visited HeathCare.gov since its launch. Officials have reported that a half million people have applied for insurance on the federal- and state-run websites.

But the problems people are having are troubling to us; these things should’ve been taken care of prior to Oct. 1. People want to sign up, they need to sign up. They can’t. It’s one thing to have bugs and glitches – we all know how fickle technology can be – but these failures are inexcusable. And that the president appeared to have been unaware of the problems on Oct. 1 calls into question the organization, or lack thereof, of administering Obamacare.

We’re not rooting for failure here, we’re simply concerned about how the Obama administration can force the American people to sign up for health care on a system that so far is an utter failure. It’s like telling people the doors to a theater hosting a play open at 7 p.m., then keeping them locked and making people wait outside in a rain storm.

When it comes to Obamacare, however, it’s the people inside who are all wet.