New owner, new name

MARSHALL – Sam’s Place, long a fixture on Main Street, has reopened under new management and a new name: Fuzzy’s.

“Fuzz” was the high school nickname of new owner Dan Fosvick.

“We bought the business in 1990,” said former owner Phyllis Dering. “Before that, it was The Office, and before that, it was Michael’s on Main back in the ’70s. My husband was in the trucking business, and he wanted to try something different.”

Dering started looking for a buyer about two-and-a-half years ago when she decided to retire.

Dan Fosvick heard about the opportunity and jumped on it. Fosvick has been running his own business, Southwest Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, for seven years and wanted something with more consistent hours.

“I worked at the Wooden Nickel for three years, and I loved it,” Fosvick said. “I loved the atmosphere. I’m a late-night guy, and I saw the opportunity and took it. We closed on it Wednesday, October 9, and had the sign up Thursday.”

Fosvick said most of the old staff is staying, and there will be some new hires as well. He plans to continue to run his carpet cleaning business, accepting jobs during the daylight hours when the bar is closed for at least a while.

Fosvick is trying to create more of a sports bar atmosphere, not surprising given Fosvick’s enthusiasm for sports and the Marshall Tigers, in particular. On display next to the bar are Fosvick’s and his son’s football and hockey jerseys. Behind the bar are three big-screen televisions for games.

“While the World Series is going on, you’re going to know there’s a baseball game playing,” Fosvick said.

Future plans include expanding into the space next door with extra seating and a kitchen for basic grill and appetizers.

For the present, Fuzzy’s will open at 4 p.m. on weekdays, 2 p.m. on Saturdays and noon on Sunday during the football season. This may change when it will able to serve food.

Fosvick said he wants to create an atmosphere that lives up to Fuzzy’s motto: “You come as a stranger, you leave as friends.”

“I saw it here just last week,” Fosvick said. “Two guys at a table started talking to two guys at the bar and before they left, they were buds.”