Transportation for the holidays

Community Transit of Western Community Action offers transportation options for the holidays

In the world of transportation, cold weather marks a shift. People who drive their own vehicles begin to wonder if the five-minute trip to the grocery store is worth 20 minutes of scrapping and warming the car. Some hope the car will start. This unpredictability leads public transit to be poised for an increase in riders, and Community Transit is up for the challenge through a variety of services, even over the holidays.

Public Transit Bus Service Available to Everyone

Community Transit buses operate throughout the City of Marshall, Cottonwood, Jackson, Lyon and Redwood counties. All buses are lift-accessible and offer door-to-door or curb-to-curb service for any member of the public. The daily bus schedules are created 24 hours ahead, and are modified throughout each day to accommodate same-day requests.

During the holiday season, services are reduced in some areas. However, Community Transit is diligent to keep buses running and accommodate the busiest times for the public. Check out the holiday schedule for each county included with this article.

Route service, which stops at designated locations on a fixed schedule throughout the weekdays, is also available in Marshall. In response to requests from the public, the Red Route will run on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This route stops at many convenient commercial and residential areas from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Rides are only $1. Route schedules are available at or on any Marshall bus.

Volunteer service available

Community Transit has a large pool of screened and trained volunteer drivers who may also be available to help get people to family gatherings or other events at both in-town and out-of-area locations even when buses are not available.

It’s a simple process to call Community Transit with a ride request. As soon as a ride request is received, Community Transit staff begins their search for a volunteer. To accommodate for the time involved in this process, it is necessary to schedule at least 24 hours before the date of the request. 48 hour notice is requested for rides during the holidays.

Don’t allow the stress of the holidays to be compounded by the unpredictable Minnesota winter. Community Transit is open, even throughout the holiday season, to help everyone get where they need to go.