Referendum questions pass in Ivanhoe, Wabasso, while Tracy is up in the air

Public school districts in Ivanhoe, Tracy and Wabasso also had referendum questions on the ballot Tuesday. Voters passed referendum questions in Ivanhoe and Wabasso, although the margin of victory in the two votes differed considerably. Meanwhile, an election “hiccup” for the Tracy Area School District will leave the full ballot totals unknown until officials can talk to the Lyon County auditor, said Tracy Superintendent Chad Anderson.

Tracy: The Tracy Area School District was facing a referendum that would issue a $2.035 million general obligation bond and collect a capital projects levy for repair and maintenance projects at Tracy Area High School and Tracy Area Elementary School. However, Anderson said he was unable to announce the complete election results on Tuesday night because the ballots from the Balaton voting precinct had been sealed in an envelope without totals being tallied. Anderson said this raises questions of whether the envelope can be opened without violating election procedures. He said the full totals would not be known until he could speak with Lyon County Auditor E.J. Moberg and find out how to proceed.

Unofficial totals for the Tracy, Garvin and Currie voting precincts are as follows: In Tracy, 412 “yes” votes and 85 “no” votes; in Garvin, 52 “yes” votes and 18 “no” votes; and in Currie, 34 “yes” votes and 12 “no” votes.

Ivanhoe: Voters in the Ivanhoe School District had a strong turnout for a referendum seeking to increase the school’s per-pupil operating levy. However, the referendum passed by a margin of less than 50 votes. Unofficial totals had 256 “yes” votes for the levy increase and 209 “no” votes.

The referendum would increase the school’s operating levy from about $1,340 per student to $1,845 per student. The levy would have a term of 10 years.

Wabasso: Voters in the Wabasso Public School District passed a referendum to raise part of its operating referendum with about a 77 percent majority vote. Unofficial totals were 302 “yes” votes and 69 “no” votes.

The referendum would renew an existing levy of about $485 per pupil and raise a $499 per-pupil levy to $1,053 per pupil. The levy would have a term of 10 years.

Some area school districts also held elections for school board members on Tuesday.

Canby: Elections were held for three seats with four-year terms in the Canby School Board and one seat with a two-year term. For the four-year terms, Alan Saltee received 199 votes, Kari Harding received 170, Laurie Driessen received 179, and Jay Christianson received 126. There were 167 write-in votes. Write-in candidate Angela Leppke received 137 votes.

For the two-year term, Nathan Thorpe received 267 votes. There were 23 write-in votes.

RTR: Elections were held in Tyler, Ruthton and Russell. In Tyler, write-in candidate Margret Dunblazier received 117 votes. In Ruthton, Pat O’Toole received 223 votes, and Joan Wiering received 92 votes. In Russell, Terry Gordon received 189 votes, and Scott Petersen received 94 votes.