Referendum passes in Tracy School District

MARSHALL – The $2.035 million general obligation bond for the Tracy Area School District passed with 80 percent of the vote (567-140), but it wasn’t until Wednesday that those results were revealed.

The official results weren’t released until Wednesday morning because uncounted ballots from Balaton were delivered to Tracy in a sealed envelop and officials in Tracy weren’t sure if they should open it Tuesday night.

They chose to wait to unseal the ballots until discussing the matter with the Lyon County auditor.

A breakdown of the votes showed 83 percent passage in the city of Tracy (412 yes-85 no), 76 percent in favor in Balaton (78-25), 74 percent in Garvin (52-18) and 74 percent passage in Currie (34-12).

“It turned out really well,” said Tracy Area School Superintendent Chad Anderson. “We’re really happy.”

Anderson said the school district will use the money for exterior repairs to windows and sidewalks and to address parking lot issues. The school will also spend money to the bring the track at the high school up to date.

The existing track will be ripped up and replaced with a new track and will remain six-lanes (eight lanes in the straightaways).

“We had talked about going eight lanes all the way around, but it would’ve meant we would have to rip up some fences and pull some trees,” said Anderson.