There’s no business like snow business

MARSHALL – The snowstorm Tuesday left streets across the southwest Minnesota slick and treacherous to drive on. And even at low speeds cars will tend to slip off the road and require help getting out.

Bruenders Corner Mart in Tyler operates an American Automobile Association affiliated towing service and found itself plenty busy.

“We probably had 10 tows (Tuesday) night,” owner Jon Bruender said. “And we probably had four this morning (Wednesday).”

Tom Wilzbacher at Southwest Towing and Recovery in Marshall said he was kept pretty busy as well, though it tapered off in the morning.

“Business was good yesterday, unbelievable,” Wilzbacher said. “This morning (Wednesday) was quiet though. The farthest call we got was eight miles outside of Milroy on Highway 68.”

However, statewide business was actually down compared to last year, according to Gail Weinholzer, director of public affairs for AAA-Minnesota.

“Tuesday night, we had 2,093 calls for assistance statewide as compared to 2,243 on this day last year,” Weinholzer said. “That’s tows, jump starts and lockouts, about evenly dispersed between the three. People warm up the car by starting the engine and unfortunately lock themselves out.”

The Marshall Police Department reported one lockout on Tuesday afternoon and one on Wednesday morning.

Marshall Police charge $35 for assistance with a lockout but does not charge if there are extenuating circumstances, such as a child locked in the car. AAA will sometimes cover the cost of the lockout.