BOWLING: Marron is first to throw 300 this season at Marshall Bowl

MARSHALL – For 34 years, Marshall native Paul Marron has dreamed of bowling a perfect game.

On Oct. 31 at Marshall Bowl, his dream became reality when he rolled a 300 in the United States Bowling Congress-sanctioned Business Men League.

“It was awesome and its something that I will never forget,” Marron said. “I was shaking once it was over.”

Marron’s perfect game was the first 300 score bowled in Marshall this season.

With his focus locked in, Marron said none of the pins gave him any trouble.

“All of the strikes were pretty much right there,” Marron said. “The ball went Brooklyn in the 11th frame, but all of the pins fell.”

Marron said he has new goals to achieve.

“Obviously, I would love to get another 300, but I would also like to get a 700 series and an 800 series,” Marron said “I haven’t had a 700 or an 800 series, yet.”

Marron, who said he only bowls once a week,” will receive a ring from the USBC to commemorate his perfect game.

“I was bowling in two leagues last season, but I gave up one of them,” Marron said.

The whole experience for Marron has been overwhelming.

“It’s still a blur to me because I don’t believe that I did it,” Marron said. “I know that I did it, but I never thought it would come this soon in the season. It usually takes some time to get warmed up and get back into the groove of bowling.”

Marron knows just how hard it is to roll a 300.

“It’s difficult because it seems like some lanes are better than others,” Marron said. “It also depends on how dry or oily they are. You have to be able to make adjustments before you make a good shot.”

Marron said he keeps a simple strategy.

“I just take a deep breath, relax and throw the ball,” Marron said. “In the 10th frame of the 300, Jon Maker was about to throw his ball, but he asked me if I wanted to throw mine first. I told Jon, ‘I don’t know because I have never done anything like this this before.'”

Marron said he wasn’t nervous on the 12th and final throw.

“I was more nervous once it was over,” Marron said. “My hands were shaking and I said, ‘I need a beer.'”