Hunters have twice the luck

RURAL?GARVIN – A group of eight hunting buddies proved on the first day of deer season there must be more to it than luck.

“Last year, we ended up with four bucks and a doe by Sunday,” said Bob Rialson of rural Garvin.

This year, they did even better. They got four bucks and a doe between 6:30 a.m. and noon on Saturday.

Bob Rialson got an eight-point buck on some private land in the Conservation Reserve Program, near Garvin Park.

“I watched it lay down in the grass, and I snuck up on it,” he said. “I crawled through a lot of cow manure to get it.”

Bob Rialson’s nephew, Tony Rialson, said he got two-and-a-half deer, sharing the credit for one with Kent Krueger, at 75 yards and 150 yards.

“I shot the doe,” said Bruce Beeck. “Then two minutes, later the big buck jumped up, and Deane (Strunc) and Bob (Rialson) got it.

By noon, everybody figured they’d had their hunt for the day, and enough venison to last a while.

“Some of it we’ll process on our own, some guys will make sausage and some we’ll take to Granite Falls to be processed,” Bob Rialson said.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said that the state’s deer population is stable across most of the state, and this past weekend had all the makings of a big day for deer hunters.

Deer numbers in this part of the state have gone up, according to the state DNR. Last year, Minnesota’s nearly 500,000 deer hunters harvested 186,000 deer, the DNR said. Minnesota’s deer harvest has varied widely during the past 50 years.