Faith in action for Nov. 15

First Lutheran Church

Here are some dates to note in the month of November:

All Saints Sunday, Election Day, Veteran’s Day, Stewardship Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christ the King Sunday

Some of our faith traditions also recognize November as the last month of the church year. The Bible passages for the weeks leading up to Christ the King Sunday concentrate on Jesus’ call to live our lives of faith as fellow servants of the Lord.

This emphasis dovetails nicely both with the season of harvest and the meaning of Thanksgiving. In a sense, the hard work has been done. Jesus has taught and fed us, empowered and enabled us, guided and led us to this point. All the good, hard work of tending the Word in the fields of the world is now being gathered by God’s Holy Spirit into the Church universal.

It’s a word of good news for:

Those who mourn the death of a loved one. Christ has triumphed over the grave and promises that death is losing its grip on our hearts.

All whose lives have been touched by the pain of violence, suffering and disease. The time is surely coming when God will make wars cease and wipe every tear from our eye.

Everyone everywhere – for God has abundantly blessed us and equipped us to be a blessing to our neighbors and friends.

Take time this month to look at your life and how you are using your God-given gifts. Are you living a life of thanksgiving to the Creator and Provider of all that we need? Do you take time to celebrate with loved ones the precious gift of shared love? Have you given significantly of your time, your money, your abilities, your prayers to help your congregational family minister to each other and the world around us?

The other word of good news is that it is never too late to make a new beginning – not with God, not with your relationships, not with your possessions, not with your life. May the Lord of Life fill you generously with a spirit of service and grace.