On with the show

MARSHALL – Since the Marshall Just for Kix dancers start rehearsing for their winter show in September, it’s hard to imagine dancing to Christmas music while it’s 90 degrees outside, said director Jackie Olson.

The Just for Kix program is putting on its winter show “Let It Show” at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, in the Marshall High School gym. It features dancers from 3 years old through seniors in high school.

“The little ones are doing more of the Christmas dances,” Olson said. The older dancers will perform to non-holiday songs.

Olson said her numbers are up this year, with roughly 320 dancers in the program.

“Every year, you get to meet some new girls you haven’t danced with before,” said dancer Shay Gregoire.

And preparing for the winter show is fun because the new sixth-graders get to see all the fun the Senior Kix dancers get to have, dancer Sydney Meister said.

“The little girls look up to you, and you just want to show them how good you are, and you want (them) to keep doing it till (they) get to our level,” said dancer Ashley Arndorfer.

For this year’s holiday show, the Senior Kix members perform to “Rhythm is a Dancer.”

“It’s a difficult dance, and it’s good that we can all get it together,” said dancer Rylee Klocow.

Olson said the opening is a mass production of dancers in second through 12th grade titled “Snow Biz.”

“It’s like a timeline,” Meister said about the ages of dancers who take part in the number.

“They look forward to the opening numbers and the finale,” Olson said.

The dancers said “Snow Biz” includes a segment where they pretend to have a snowball fight and make snow angels.

“You have fun with it and do more facials and be silly,” Arndorfer said about the opening number.

“It’s nice to have an easier dance in the show,” Meister said.

“It puts you in a holiday spirit,” Meister said about the upcoming show.

Klocow said it’s crazy how the dance routines all come together, even with just one practice a week.

Gregoire said the winter show is also a springboard for what’s to come for the JFK teams.

“It gets you looking forward to competition season,” Gregoire said.

The dancers said it’s fun to see the gym all decorated and the littler dancers’ reaction to seeing Santa during the show.

Olson said this year’s father/daughter dance will feature a Village People mix, including such songs as “In the Navy,” “Macho Man” and “YMCA.”

“We have 16 couples doing that,” Olson said of the father/daughter dance.

One of the biggest things about getting ready for the winter show is making sure all the costumes and accessories are in order, Olson said.

“The costumes are the stressful part,” Olson said, but everything comes together in the end.

Gregoire said the winter show gets the dance parents really excited for competition season, which will begin soon after the winter show. Arndorfer said their parents are their biggest support.

“It would be hard to do it without them,” Gregoire said.