Homes for the holidays

Marshall residents on Sunday got a chance to see the inside of some of the county’s most unique homes.

The Lyon County Historical Society sponsored its Holiday Home Tour of the Wiblemo home in Lynd, and the Fahl, Henle and Carlson homes in Marshall.

Aside from the architecture and design of the homes there were curio collections on display.

Barb and Larry Henle own a small collection of Mini Cooper autos and accessories, cameras and famous clown memorabilia. The Henles bought the field stone house in 1988 and built a detached garage about 10 years later to house the auto collection.

“I love this garage,” said visitor Tony Thiessen. “I could live here, it’s got all the amenities.”

Inside the main house visitors were struck by the Henle’s collections of antique cameras and clowns.

“Larry and Barb lived in Willmar briefly in a house that was so blah Larry bought a picture of a clown to brighten it up,” said volunteer guide Anne Rockman.

Eventually, the Henles accumulated a collection of clown statues and pictures including one autographed by legendary clown Emmet Kelly.

Angela and Jacob Fahl bought a historic Hess-built home in 2010 from Terri and Jerry Wiblemo, whose present house in Lynd was also on the tour.

Angela Fahl had her collection of Christmas tree ornaments on display in the living room of their 1931 brick house.

“I’ve been collecting Christmas tree ornaments since I was a kid,” Angela Fahl said. “My mom has boxes of them.”

Proceeds from the tour went to support the Lyon County Museum.