A Thanksgiving Eve ‘void’

To the editor:

This Thanksgiving Eve had a very different feel to it for my wife and me. Since the mid ’80s Gerlinde and I have participated in the annual ecumenical Thanksgiving worship service sponsored by the Marshall Area Ministerial Association (MAMA). It was very special for us Gerlinde a Lutheran and I a Catholic – to pray with many different faith ministers and to see our friends, neighbors and other community members all, through prayers, songs and messages of thanks, have a very common belief. After the prayer services, the social time in a fellowship hall was very rewarding and spiritually bonding. The collection basket went to the local needy.

This year Thanksgiving Eve had a void for us; we felt sad because the service has been discontinued. It is our hope that MAMA will appreciate what it offers the faith community and resume the practice next year.

We thank First Lutheran and Holy Redeemer for hosting this special service in the past. Perhaps Holy Redeemer’s recent beautifully remodeled Carlin Hall would again agree to host and the local needy can again be remembered. We have more of them this year.

Tony Doom, Marshall