A blast of winter

MARSHALL – It hasn’t been as bad as some, but Wednesday’s snow kept Marshall and Lyon County street maintenance workers busy enough.

Marshall Public Works is asking residents to relocate their vehicles in driveways, not to park in restricted areas and to be patient.

“The timing of the snowfall will require us to pick up snow both today and tomorrow (Thursday) morning in the downtown district. We will continue to clear the streets until they are clear curb to curb, which should conclude by Thursday night, weather permitting and no major equipment breakdowns,” said Marshall Public Works Director Glenn Olson. “Each snowfall is different as to timing and amount of snow so the procedure is the same but the removal is different as to time to remove. The previous snow got the crews back into the groove of operations and procedures and, as our crews are relatively experienced, they are ready for these snowfall events.”

In rural Lyon County, road crews were working on the second pass through their routes by early Wednesday afternoon.

“We’ve got everybody out on the roads, but it’s still snowing and filling it up as fast as we clear it,” said Lyon County highway superintendent Jim Thomasson. “The roads are slippery, and we advise people not to travel unless they have to.”