PREP WRESTLING ROUNDUP: Panthers post dual wins vs. Ortonville, RV

TRACY – The Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove wrestling squad won both duals in a triangular with River Valley and Ortonville in Tracy Tuesday night.

The Panthers defeated the Wildcats 57-18 and the Trojans 62-16.

Against River Valley, TMB got pins from Daulton Carlson (113) and Ozzy Chan (195). Lane Anderson also recorded a decision at 285. The remaining wins came by forfeit.

The Panthers used pins from Carlson (113), Nash Mayer (12), Caleb Christian (126), Sterling Schwartz (152), River Zvorak (160), Chan (195) and Kenny Her (220) to go with a technical fall from Cooper Anderson, a decision by Anderson and a pair of forfeits. In the third duel Ortonville defeated River Valley 42-37.

TMB will be in action again on Friday when it travels to face Pipestone Area.

TMB/WWG 57, River Valley 18

106: Anthony Axford (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit; 113: Daulton Carlson (TMB/WWG) pin Devin Johnson, 0:15; 120: Conner Bertram (RV) decision Nash Mayer, 7-2; 126: Tyler Illg (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit; 132: Caleb Christian (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit; 138: Sam Baier (RV) decision Logan Axford, 5-4; 145: Gerrett Meidl (RV) pin Cooper Olson, 0:25; 152: Sterling Schwartz (TMB) won by forfeit; 160: River Zvorak (TMB) won by forfeit; 170: Tristan Varpness (TMB) won by forfeit; 182: Tim Krueger (RV) pin Cole Olson, 0:38; 195: Ozzy Chan (TMB) pin Nathaniel Rosado, 2:37; 220: Kenny Her (TMB) won by forfeit; 285: Lane Anderson (TMB) decision Tyler Baird, 2-0.

TMB/WWG 62, Ortonville 16

106: Ben Eustice (ORT) pin Anthony Axford, 1:33; 113: Daulton Carlson (TMB) pin Tristan Eastman, 1:09; 120: Nash Mayer (TMB) pin Jordan Kurrasch, 1:25; 126: Caleb Christian (TMB) pin Colin Hartman, 0:19; 132: Eligah Cloos (ORT) pin Tyler Illg, 2:23; 138: Logan Axford (TMB) won by forfeit; 145: Cooper Olson (TMB) technical fall Mike Roach, 18-3; 152: Sterling Schwartz (TMB) pin Cody Bedore, 5:27; 160: River Zvorak (TMB) pin Joseph Eustice, 2:43; 170: Isaac Cloos (ORT) major decision Tristan Varpness, 15-3; 182: Cole Olson (TMB) won by forfeit; 195: Ozzy Chan (TMB) pin Travis Westlund, 1:39; 220: Kenny Her (TMB) pin Kyle Rockensock, 1:08; 285: Lane Anderson (TMB) decision Derrick Pillatzki, 2-0.

Quad County Tri

RENVILLE – The Wabasso/Red Rock Central Bobcats earned two team victories in a triangular contest with Quad County and Worthington Tuesday.

Spencer Jenniges, Mitchell Fulton, Derek Christians, TJ Fulton, Josh Altermatt, Jordan Schroepfer, Jared Welch and Alex Schroepfer earned two win apiece as Wabasso/RRC defeated Worthington 44-28 and Quad County 42-12. Jordan Schroepfer was the lone Bobcat to record two pins.

Quad County fell to Wabasso/RRC, but then picked up a 38-30 team win against the Trojans. Colten Specht and Zach Fischer went 2-0 on the night. Dylan Johnson pinned his opponent from Worthington to earn his 60th career match win.

Wabasso/RRC 44, Worthington 28

106: Hser Eh Pwae (Wor) pin Denver Stage, 4:37. 113: Hser Moo Pwae (Wor) decision tyson Doubler, 7-1. 120: Spencer Jenniges (Wab) won by forfeit. 126: Anthony Luft (Wor) major decision Justin Frank, 11-0. 132: Mitchell Fulton (Wab) pin Jeffrey Camacho, 0:38. 138: Derek Christians (Wab) decision King Blanchette, 9-3. 145: TJ Fulton (Wab) major decision Cody Michelson, 14-4. 152: Josh Altermatt (Wab) pin Vince Riley, 1:42. 160: Zach Kempema (Wor) pin Cole Anderson, 5:46. 170: Blake Schroeder (Wor) pin Josh Mattison, 1:31. 182: Jordan Schroepfer (Wab) pin Cole Bertels, 0:49. 195: Jared Welch (Wab) pin Nic Putnam, 1:38. 220: Peter Abraham (Wor) decision Cody Coulter, 10-7. 285: Alex Schroepfer (Wab) pin Ty Veen, 0:30.

Quad County 38, Worthington 30

106: Hser Eh Pwae (Wor) pin Jake Roiger, 1:08. 113: Hser Moo Pwae (Wor) decision Jordan Odegard, 15-9. 120: Ethan Thein (Q) pin Ethan Pavelko, 3:00. 126: Anthony Luft (Wor) pin Miles Kattevold, 3:41.132: Colten Specht (Q) pin Jeffrey Camacho, 2:31. 138: Cole Hatch (Q) decision King Blanchette, 11-5. 145: Kirby Winson (Q) technical fall Cody Michelson. 152: Dylan Johnson (Q) pin Vince Riley, 2:49. 160: Zach Kempema (Wor) pin Wyatt Hatch, 3:28. 170: Blake Schroeder (Wor) pin Austin Villareal, 0:17. 182: Hayden Johnson (Q) pin Cole Bartels, 0:28. 195: Brian Bratsch (Q) decision Nick Putnam, 3-1. 220: Zach Fischer (Q) decision Peter Abraham, 3-1. 285: Trevor Wietzema (Wor) decision Landon Evans, 8-1.

Wabasso/RRC 42,

Quad County 12

106: Jake Roiger (Q) decision Denver Stage, 6-1. 113: Jared Schroepfer (Wab) decision Jordan Odegard, 4-2. 120: Spencer Jenniges (Wab) decision Ethan Their, 8-3. 126: Justin Frank (Wab) pin Miles Kattevold, 3:33. 132: Colten Specht (Q) decision Mitchell Fulton, 6-5. 138: Derek Christians (Wab) decision Cole Hatch, 7-2. 145: TJ Fulton (Wab) decision Kirby Winson, 9-7. 152: Josh Altermatt (Wab) decision Dylan Johnson, 3-1. 160: Wyatt Hatch (Q) decision Cole Anderson, 6-4. 170: Taylor Lopez (Wab) won by forfeit. 182: Jordan Schroepfer (Wab) pin Hayden Johnson, 1:27. 195: Jared Welch (Wab) decision Brian Bratsch, 6-1. 220: Zach Fischer (Q) decision Cody Coulter, 3-2. 285: Alex Schroepfer (Wab) won by forfeit.