Unjust rewards

To the editor:

All the chief executive officers in large corporations and banks are all rewarded with millions of dollars. The sad part is the common workers aren’t paid a good wage.

Then we have the rich millionaire farmers with plenty of money who are all getting a subsidy from the government. This is totally unfair and unnecessary. Yet the hired help don’t get paid right.

Then we have the politicians in Washington, D.C., who are rewarded lots of money for voting for certain amendments to help large banks and big corporations. They also get lots of money contributions for their campaigning.

Another problem is our justice system which gives people plea bargaining for their information and they get off with little or no jail time. The jury trials in some cases are dismissed because of poor handling by the law enforcement investigations.

A certain percentage of murder cases are left unsolved because of careless investigations. Some murderers are never caught and some are serial killers and still living in our country.

It’s an unjust reward!

Ronald Mosch