Keep the faith

To the editor:

We all have heard of the priest molestation of children. Most of the accused priests are dead. The ones that are living have been expelled from the Catholic church.

Our new Pope Francis will no longer tolerate this behavior. Furthermore, I do believe that some of the people who claim to have been molested are making false claims. Due to money-hungry lawyers, these claims are aimed at the Catholic church. Some of the claimants are after the big money.

A true Christian should have real forgiveness toward these priests.

Some people have quit going to the Catholic church because of these incidents.

This is really a poor excuse not to go to church. We go to church to praise God. We should learn to respect the priests we have because they are doing God’s work. I truly believe that the news media have done considerable damage to the Catholic church.

Let us Catholics keep the faith in these troubled times.

Ronald Mosch