YMC museum receives Legacy grants

The Yellow Medicine County Historical Society Museum has been awarded two grants from Legacy Amendment funds for a security system and a project to archive county death records.

The Legacy Amendment was passed in 2008 and provided for raising the state sales tax by three-eighths of 1 percent from 2009 through 2034; the proceeds to be distributed through four funds: the clean water fund, the outdoor heritage fund, the arts and cultural heritage fund and the parks and trails fund.

According to museum director Brian Schulz the museum has been awarded a little more than $2,000 to install a security system and $23,500 to archive county death records from 1870 to 1908.

“We have some objects that are pretty valuable,” Schulz said, “and we want to put in detectors so police can be alerted if some people are around the building or the fire department if a fire started.”

In 2012, the Yellow Medicine County Historical Society received an Arts and Cultural Heritage grant for $16,545 for digitizing county birth records prior to 1909, according to the Legacy website.

The current grant will enable Schulz to preserve county death records with the help of two students from Southwest Minnesota State University.

“Using the death record books at the courthouse, I’ll be typing the records into the computer,” Schulz said. “We hope to put them on our website when we’re done. It’ll be useful for genealogists and people who need a death date for relatives.”