PREP WRESTLING: United, M/LHI unbeaten during Plum Creek Duals

TRACY – No team champion was crowned during the 32nd annual Plum Creek Duals Tournament on Saturday at the Tracy Veterans Memorial Center.

Due to snowfall and poor visibility in the early morning hours Saturday, only seven of the eight teams scheduled to participate could compete. Adrian Area was forced to withdraw its team from the tournament.

Tournament organizer and Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove head coach Karl Campbell said all of the remaining coaches agreed to change the format from a bracketed tournament to a round-robin style.

“We decided to just make matches against teams we would not normally compete against. It allowed all of us a chance to see different styles of wrestling,” Campbell said. “We also decided not to crown a team champion.”

Four rounds of dual matches ensued with Dawson-Boyd/Lac Qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United and Minneota/Lincoln HI both posting 3-0 records. Marshall, which improved to 6-15 overall, went 2-1 with wins against Southwest Conference foe Luverne and TMB/WWG. The Panthers ended up 0-4 Saturday.

The Vikings, who improved to 13-3 overall, are experiencing success in a new way this season.

“We’re having a pretty solid season, despite not having a very big senior class,” Engler said. “Everyone is pulling their own weight and, when we need somebody to step up, they step up for us.”

Engler said the co-op agreement Minneota has with Lincoln HI has helped the Vikings on the mat this season.

“They have some pretty big guys who can wrestle up top for us. It allows our team to have plenty of depth on our roster,” Engler said. “I’m glad that were giving the guys from Lincoln HI the same opportunity that we have at Minneota.”

Engler said the Vikings have worked hard in practice to find the physical attributes wrestlers need.

“Earlier in the season, a lot of us were coming into wrestling from football and we needed to get into wrestling shape. We’re also working with the Lincoln HI guys by teaching them the fundamental skills of wrestling,” Engler said. “The postseason is coming up in the near future, but we just need to just keep wrestling and go hard every time.”

On Saturday, United collected its 17th win in 20 duals this season.



First Round


106: Jake Haugen (L) pinned Jordan Long, 3:14. 113: Donny Bothun (U) decision Jayden Renken, 8-3. 120: Jordan Bothun (U) major decision Will Natte, 14-5. 126: Bailey Eickhoff (U) decision Cody Hess, 5-1. 132: Spencer Sulflow (U) pinned Adam Fodness, 5:10. 138: Logan Knoshal (U) pinned Jeremiah Dooyema, 0:43. 145: Solomon Nielson (L) decision Mitch Kwilinski, 10-9. 152: Keith Abraham (U) pinned Johnathan Smid, 0:43. 160: Mason Kwilinski (U) won by forfeit. 170: Joe Weeding (U) pinned Dalton Jacobsma (L), 1:08. 182: Spencer Oltjenbruns (L) decision Anthony Quigley, 8-5. 195: Markus Kranz (U) won by forfeit. 220: David Nelson (U) pinned Matthew Swenson, 0:24. 285: Jake Lehmann (U) won by forfeit.


106: Toby Semler (M/L) pinned Matt Munsterman, 0:33. 113: Dylan Dulas (M/L) major decision Ben Koehl, 14-0. 120: Nick Erbes (M/L) major decision Jared Rohloff, 13-4. 126: Mitchell Ascheman pinned pinned Devyn Martzloff, 1:21. 132: Travis Ostby (MAHACA) major decision Matt Facile, 12-4. 138: Brent Breczinski (M/L) major decision Trent Nelson, 17-7. 145: Ramzi Gregoire (M/L) decision Myles Smith, 10-5. 152: Max Feuchenberger (MAHACA) pinned Wyatt Martin, 1:11. 160: Danny Tracy (MAHACA) pinned Jarrett Louwagie, 3:47. 170: Jordan Thooft (MAHACA) pinned Brandon Appel, 1:17. 182: Double forfeit. 195: Aaron Nelson (MAHACA) won by forfeit. 220: Alec Gausman (MAHACA) won by forfeit. 285: Jacob Sperr (MAHACA) won by forfeit.


New Ulm 68, TMB/WWG 12

Second Round


106: Nestor Perez (TMB/WWG) pinned Jordan Long, 5:38. 113: Donny Bothun (U) pinned Daulton Carlson, 1:11. 120: Jordan Bothun (U) pinned Nash Mayer, 1:16. 126: Bailey Eickhoff (U) pinned Tyler Illg, 2:32. 132: Logan Axford (TMB/WWG) pinned Spencer Sulflow, 1:23. 138: Logan Knoshal (U) pinned Caleb Christian, 3:08. 145: Mitch Kwilinski (U) pinned Kyle Gilbertson, 1:11. 152: Keith Abraham (U) pinned Sterling Schwartz, 5:47. 160: Mason Kwilinski (U) won by forfeit. 170: Joe Weeding (U) pinned River Zvorak, 5:02. 182: Anthony Quigley (U) pinned Cole Olson, 0:53. 195: Markus Kranz (U) won by forfeit. 220: Kenny Her (TMB/WWG) decision David Nelson, 7-6. 285: Jake Lehmann (U) pinned Lane Anderson, 2:42.


106: Brock Buysse (M/LHI) pinned Matt Munsterman, 1:31. 113: Eric Hauswedell (M/LHI) pinned Ben Koehl, 3:52. 120: Kyle Hennen (M/LHI) pinned Jared Rohloff, 4:45. 126: Landyn VanOverbeke (M/LHI) pinned Mitchell Ascheman, 4:34. 132: Travis Ostby (MAHACA) pinned Leo Buysse, 3:08. 138: Bryce Bruner (M/LHI) pinned Phillip Messner, 3:06. 145: Alec Engler (M/LHI) major decision Myles Smith, 13-2. 152: Nick Esping (M/LHI) pinned Max Feuchenberger, 2:16. 160: Cole Hennen (M/LHI) pinned Danny Tracy, 5:44. 170: Grant Abraham (M/LHI) pinned Steven Koehl, 1:01. 182: Nathan Bueltel (M/LHI) pinned Jordan Thooft, 5:03. 195: Aaron Nelson (MAHACA) pinned Alexander Hencke, 1:35. 220 Trent Esping (M/LHI) decision Alec Gausman, 13-12. 285: Jacob Sperr (MAHACA) pinned Jordan Twedt, 5:14.


106: Brock Buysse (M/LHI) decision Sean Howk, 5-1. 113: Eric Hauswedell (M/LHI) decision Ryan Wacker, 5-3. 120: Henry Pesch (M/LHI) pinned Hunter Ranweller, 0:35. 126: Landyn VanOverbeke (M/LHI) pinned Taylor Bode, 0:13. 132: Leo Buysse (M/LHI) pinned Austin Iles, 5:57. 138 Bryce Bruner (M/LHI) won by forfeit. 145: Alec Engler (M/LHI) pinned Matt Hartley, 4:21. 152: Nick Esping (M/LHI) pinned Max Deslauriers, 1:13, 160: Cole Hennen (M/LHI) pinned Riley Shelgren, 0:55. 170: Grant Abraham (M/LHI) pinned Same Hoppe, 1:53. 182: Nathan Bueltel (M/LHI) pinned Cole Wlifahn, 1:59. 195: Lorenzo Hernandez (NU) pinned Alexander Hencke, 3:39. 220: Trent Esping (M/LHI) pinned Braxton Greenwaldt, 3:05. 285: Jordan Twedt (M/LHI) pinned Nathan Berg, 5:38.

Third Round


106: Matt Munsterman (MAHACA) pinned Nester Perez, 0:23. 113: Daulton Carlson (TMB/WWG) pinned Ben Koehl, 0:33. 120: Jared Rohloff (MAHACA) pinned Nash Mayer, 1:20. 126: Mitchell Ascheman (MAHACA) pinned Tyler Illg, 1:59. 132: Logan Axford (TMB/WWG) major decision Travis Ostby, 11-1. 138: Trenton Nelson (MAHACA) pinned Kyle Gilbertson, 2:19. 145: Myles Smith (MAHACA) pinned Kyle Gilbertson, 0:38. 152: Max Feuchenberger (MAHACA) pinned Sterling Schwartz, 1:25. 160: Danny Tracy (MAHACA) pinned Austin Bucholz, 1:26. 170: River Zvorak (TMB/WWG) pinned Steven Koehl, 1:15. 182: Jordan Thooft (MAHACA) pinned Cole Olson, 1:52. 195: Aaron Nelson (MAHACA) won by forfeit. 220: Kenny Her (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit. 285: Lane Anderson (TMB/WWG) pinned Jacob Sperr, 4:33.


106: Toby Semler (M/L) pinned Jake Haugen, 1:14. 113: Jayden Renken (L) pinned Dylan Dulas, 3:25. 120: Nick Erbes (M/L) decision Will Natte, 6-2. 126: Adam Fodness (L) decision Devyn Martzloff, 6-0. 132: Matt Facile (M/L) pinned Cody Hess, 1:50. 138: Brent Breczinski (M/L) Jeremiah Dooyema, 9-3. 145: Ramzi Gregoire (M/L) won by forfeit. 152: Solomon Nielsen (L) pinned Wyatt Martin, 3:09. 160: Jarrett Louwagie (M/L) decision Johnathan Smid (L), 5-2. 170: Brandon Appel (M/L) pinned Dalton Jacobsma, 1:33. 182: Spencer Oltjenbruns (L) won by forfeit. 195: Jesse Schultz (L) won by forfeit. 220: Mathew Swenson (L) won by forfeit. 285: Double forfeit.


New Ulm 49, Luverne 22

Fourth Round


106: Sean Howk (NU) pinned Jordan Long, 3:05. 113: Donny Bothun (U) decision Ryan Wacker, 4-3. 120: Jordan Bothun (U) pinned Hunter Ranweiler, 0:27. 126: Bailey Eickhoff (U) pinned Taylor Bode, 0:32. 132: Spencer Sulflow (U) pinned Austin Iles, 0:50. 138: Logan Knoshal (U) pinned Austin Brandes, 5:44. 145: Mitch Kwilinski (U) decision Jagger Hoffmann, 6-0. 152: Mason Kwilinski (U) pinned Max Deslauriers, 0:59. 160: Keith Abraham (U) pinned Riley Shelgren, 0:39. 170: Anthony Quigley (U) won by forfeit. 182: Joe weeding (U) pinned Cole Wilfahrt, 5:17. 195: Lorenzo Hernandez (NU) decision David Nelson, 5-3. 220: Braxton Greenwaldt (NU) decision Markus Kranz, 7-6. 285: Jake Lehmann (U) pinned Nathan Berg,1:36.


106: Brock Buysse (M/LHI) pinned Jake Haugen, 0:17. 113: Eric Hauswedell (M/LHI) pinned Jayden Renken, 2:47. 120: Kyle Hennen (M/LHI) pinned Will Natte, 3:21. 126: Landyn VanOverbeke (M/LHI) pinned Cody Hess, 1:42. 132: Leo Buysse (M/LHI) pinned Adam Fodness, 0:27. 138: Bryce Bruner (M/LHI) pinned Jeremiah Dooyema, 1:02. 145: Alec Engler (M/LHI) decision Solomon Nielson, 11-6. 152: Nick Esping (M/LHI) pinned Jonathan Smid, 2:17. 160: Grant Abraham (M/LHI) won by forfeit. 170: Cole Hennen (M/LHI) pinned Dalton Jacobsma, 1:18. 182: Spencer Oltjenbruns (L) decision Nathan Bueltel, 10-4. 195: Alexander Hencke (M/LHI) pinned Jesse Schultz, 2:28. 220: Ryan Twedt (M/LHI) pinned Mathew Swenson, 1:49. 285: Trent Esping (M/LHI) won by forfeit.


106: Toby Semler (M/L) pinned Nestor Perez, 3:27. 113: Daulton Carlson (TMB/WWG) pinned Dylan Dulas, 1:05. 120: Nick Erbes (M/L) pinned Nash Meyer, 3:15. 126: Devyn Martzloff (M/L) pinned Tyler Illg, 3:11. 132: Matt Facile (M/L) pinned Caleb Christian, 3:42. 138: Logan Axford (TMB/WWG) pinned Brent Breczinski, 2:19. 145: Ramzi Gregoire (M/L) pinned Kyle Gilbertson, 1:29. 152: Wyatt Martin (M/L) pinned Sterling Schwartz, 1:25. 160: Jarrett Louwagie (M/L) pinned Austin Buchholz, 2:31. 170: Brandon Appel (M/L) pinned Lincoln Anderson, 1:32. 182: Cole Olson (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit. 195: . 220: Kenny Her (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit. 285: Lane Anderson (TMB/WWG) won by forfeit.