Waiting for society to become humane

To the editor:

Seems more and more like 2 Tim. 3:1-5 is referring to this day and age. It predicts that men will become more inhuman, arrogant and ungrateful. And will become lovers of self, money, and pleasure more than lovers of God as they make a pretense of religion but deny its power.

In regard to ‘religion,’ who would have thought that we would have whole Christian denominations sanctioning actively homosexual pastors and same-sex marriage; truly a “pretense of religion” that makes a mockery of the Bible.

Even non-church goers are noting that this country is making an accelerated slide into the pit as they see our governmental and trade deficits skyrocket. Some historians say democracies only last about 250 years – America is at 237.

And why so many silent denominations in regard to abortion? It’s been 41 years since this nation legalized abortion in 1973; some of those killed that year would have now been grandparents.

It’s been said that the strength of our communities is proven by how we treat our most vulnerable. Now, I’m not against caring for animals, but it seems that over the last few decades more and more animals have gotten on the receiving end of loving care that should be given to innocent children.

Consider the way we terminate animals: If it is a cat or dog the vet gives them a low-pain injection. Slaughter houses will sedate the animals with carbon dioxide before cutting them up.

Little children living in their mother’s womb aren’t so lucky. The abortion practice is legal right up to nine months gestation and fiercely defended by the abortion industry and the DFL Party “abortion rights” is in its party platform. If you wish to view the “practice” you can view “Eclipse of Reason” on You Tube.

There are over 1 million couples waiting to adopt a child. We hope and pray that some day America will stop the torturing of babies and become a truly “Humane Society.”

Phil Drietz