Who makes up the ACC?

It’s that time of year when member crunching and membership stats become the curiosity of all. So it’s fun to share our stats below. As you look them over, perhaps you have questions or are wondering what the Center is all about. If so, come check us out. We are also looking to do jam sessions. So if you would love to be a part of one, give us a call at 537-6109. Be sure to check out new programs being offered: iPad classes, pre-retirement planning, yoga classes, Zumba and Facebook.

This is our membership in numbers:

(As of Jan. 21, 2014)

59 & younger: 8

60-69: 80



90 & older: 81


Average age is 79.45 years

Youngest is 53 (1)

Oldest is 101 (1)

Honorary members (85-and-older): 183

Most members are 77 years old (born in 1936): 34

Combined years of wisdom of: 45,764 years

Travel south for winter: 14

Reside in nursing home: 17

Deceased: 25

Non-Marshall mailing address: 50

New members: 58