Lyon County DFLers meet to elect delegates, draft resolutions

MARSHALL – About 40 members of the Lyon County Democratic Farmer-Labor Party met at St. Stephen Church on Tuesday night to elect precinct chairs and draft resolutions to present at the county convention on March 1.

“We’re going to elect precinct officers, and I expect some resolutions on single-payer health care, highways and education,” said spokesman Al Kruse.

Kruse said attendance might be light because of conflicts with parent-teacher conferences in Lynd, Hendricks and Russell-Tyler-Ruthton school districts.

The DFL did not hold a straw poll this year since all state nomination races are uncontested except Secretary of State.

All in all, nine precincts were represented at the meeting.

Each precinct elected delegates to the county convention and drafted resolutions for consideration. After duplicate resolutions are consolidated, they will be voted on at the county convention. Those voted up will be presented for consideration at the state convention in Duluth, May 30 to June 1, to be included in the party platform of action agenda, according to Jon Chalmers, caucus chairman.

Resolutions presented included: Safe Schools for All, state medical assistance for gender reassignment surgery, minimum wage increase, increased funding for HIV-AIDS prevention, improvement for comprehensive sex education, gun control, legalization of marijuana, term limits, campaign finance reform, universal single-payer health care and net neutrality.

“The important thing is we’re very privileged in Minnesota to have the caucus process, which allows everybody to participate in their party,” Chalmers said, “unlike states which only have a primary and limited opportunities for average citizens to influence the political process.”