Lincoln County Board endorses e-notices

IVANHOE – The Lincoln County Board on Tuesday passed a resolution of support 4-1 endorsing a legislation that would allow counties to publish public notices on county websites. Commissioner Curtis Blumeyer cast the dissenting vote, citing concerns about elderly people who are not online.

Legislation before the 2014 Legislature would allow counties to publish certain public notices on their websites instead of, or in addition to an official newspaper as currently required by law.

After discussion with Acting Engineer Dustin Hauschild, the board voted 3-2 to work to finalize an agreement with Pipestone County to share an engineer. Commissioners Blumeyer and Larry Hansen dissented.

Lincoln County has not had a full-time engineer since Lee Amundson retired, though Amundson has been acting as a consulting engineer on a part-time basis.

Lincoln County has advertised for an engineer unsuccessfully, and the consensus was that it was not likely an engineer could be found for the advertised salary of $90,000.

According to Hauschild, sharing an engineer with Pipestone County on a half-time basis would cost an estimated $72,900 plus mileage, resulting in savings of about $50,000 over hiring a full-time engineer at current rates.

County Environmental Director Robert Olsen reported his department had found no turions, specialized overwintering buds produced by aquatic plants, in any sampling sites in Lake Benton in 2012 or 2013. Lake Benton previously suffered an infestation of the invasive species curly leaf pondweed, which choked the surface of the lake to the point recreation was impossible.

Olsen told the commissioners his department would continue to monitor the lake.

The board approved Olsen’s request to purchase a Ford F250 pickup truck from Kruse Motors for $28,000.

The board authorized Hauschild to submit a bid for a model 2000 Sterling sign truck for installing road signs. Commissioners left the amount of the bid to Hauschild’s discretion providing it is not to exceed $40,000.

An agreement with Pipestone could be reached as early as the next regular board meeting.

The board authorized Parks Director Daryl Schlapkohl to advertise the sale of a fifth-wheel flatbed trailer model 1986 by sealed bid, with a minimum bid of $3,500.