GYMNASTICS: Teske, Johnson make state meet

MARSHALL?- Two area gymnasts are among an elite group of competitors who advanced to the state level after performing well at the 2014 Class A Gymnastics Section 3 Championships on Saturday at Marshall High School.

Hendricks/Russell-Tyler-Ruthton sophomore Hailey Teske qualified for state last year in the uneven parallel bars and hit the jackpot again this season. Teske earned the right to compete in the all-around competition at state after finishing third overall. Eighth-grade teammate Greta Johnson will join Teske at state after taking fourth-place in the all-around.

“It feels incredible,” Hendricks/RTR Grizzlies head coach Sherri Johnson said about having two gymnasts advance to state. “We’re really blessed.”

The two qualifiers also earned the right to compete at state in a number of individual events.

With a score of 9.050, Teske finished second in bars, the team’s final apparatus of the competition.

“It was awesome,” Teske said. “I felt really solid. Practice has been a little iffy and I was just hoping for a solid routine. So, it was great. I am happy.”

Johnson just missed advancing to state as an individual in bars, finishing fifth with a score of 8.650. The top four individuals in each event qualify for state.

“Hailey went last year on bars and we were hoping that they both had a chance,” Coach Johnson said. “But it’s just such a pressure event. So, you don’t know. It’s so huge.”

While she wanted to perform her best on all of the apparatuses, Teske especially wanted to perfect her routine on the bars.

“I was hoping that I would have a better bar routine than I did last year because that was the only thing I made it to state in last year,” Teske said. “But I was hoping that it was better this year and it was.”

Teska also qualified for state as an individual on the balance beam, finishing fourth with a score of 8.750.

Greta Johnson will also be competing at state as an individual in the vault and the floor exercise. She took fourth place in the vault with a score of 9.050.

“I think I did good (Saturday),” she said. “I was happy with my performances. I just wanted to go out there with confidence, have fun and do my routines for my team.”

Johnson also finished fourth in the floor exercise, which is her favorite event, with a 9.150.

“I wanted to stick my routines. So, maybe our team could make it to state,” Greta Johnson said. “I was also hoping to make it to state as an individual. I like floor the best.”

While she didn’t qualify for state as an individual in the floor exercise, Teske did earn a medal for her sixth-place finish in the event.

Coach Johnson said she thinks that her daughter, Greta, and Teske will continue helping each other compete at their highest level during the state competition, which begins Friday and Saturday.

“Those two have been really good for each other this year,” Coach Johnson said. “They work hard and make each other better. And they encourage each other. The whole team does, too.”

While the section meet marked the end of the season for the rest of the Grizzlies, the team has much to be proud of, especially considering the program is only two years old. As a team, Hendricks/RTR finished fourth out of 10 teams on Saturday.

Martin County Area Magic, which is a co-operative team between Martin County West and Fairmont, took first place in the team competition and will represent Section 3 at state. Jackson County Central finished second in the team standings, followed by Worthington.

Marshall took eighth place as a team, behind the team’s top finishers, Meg Ellis, Kayla Nelson and Natalie Rademacher. While none of the Tiger gymnasts placed or advanced to state, head coach Heather Buysee was encouraged by the team’s final performance of the season.

“I think they did very well (Saturday),” Buysse said. “We saw a lot of improvement in bars and it went really well, overall. I thought Kayla stepped up her game (Saturday) and Meg did very well, too.”

Along with Ellis, Nelson and Rademacher, Nicole Deragisch competed in all four events for Marshall. Kami Love added team assistance in the uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, while Hailey Aguirre competed on the vault for the young Tiger team.

“Our team is pretty young,” Buysse said. “We have one junior and then all the rest are younger. It’s nice that everyone returns next year.”

Buysee has high hopes for the 2014-15 season and hopes to accomplish one major goal.

“We’d like to start a summer program so we’re not as far behind when we start,” she said. “We just want to start off from where we ended now. The only downfall is that we don’t have a club near us. So, having a summer club would help. Six months between our seasons doesn’t help much.”

All 10 of the Section 3 teams received All-Academic honors at either the gold or silver levels. Senior gymnasts were also recognized at the end of the competition and each of them received a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Windom Area/Mountain Lake’s Cheryl Bass was named the Section 3 Head Coach of the Year, while Worthington’s Junior Nguyen was recognized as the section’s Assistant Coach of the Year.

Teske and Johnson will compete on Saturday at the University of Minnesota’s Sports Pavillion.



At Marshall High School

Team Results: 1. Martin County Area 140.650; 2. Jackson County Central 137.925; 3. Worthington 137.375; 4. Hendricks/Russell-Tyler-Ruthton 131.975; 5. Windom Area/Mountain Lake 130.67; 6. Luverne 126.400; 7. Pipestone Area 118.025; 8. Marshall 115.875; 9. Redwood Valley 112.525; 10. St. James 101.525.

Individual Results (Top 4 advance to state)

All-Around Results: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 36.475; 2. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 36.050; 3. Hailey Teske (H/RTR) 35.775; 4. Greta Johnson (H/RTR) 34.950; 5. Paige Kinley (W) 34.875; 6. Taylor Eggers (W) 34.450.

Vault: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 9.300; 2. Martha Olson (MCA) 9.225; 3. Paige Kinley (W) 9.100; 4. Greta Johnson (H/RTR) 9.050; 5. Taylor Eggers (W) 8.950; 6. Liz Hayenga (W) 8.900.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 9.250; 2. Hailey Teske (H/RTR) 9.050; 3. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 8.875; 4. Paige Kinley (W) 8.875; 5. Greta Johnson (H/RTR) 8.650; 6. Madison Schandelmeier (L) 8.300.

Balance Beam: 1. Bailey Schneekloth (JCC) 9.400; 2. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 9.350; 3. Liz Hayenga (W) 8.950; 4. Hailey Teske (H/RTR) 8.750; 5. Brielle Scheepstra (JCC) 8.725; 6. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 8.700.

Floor Exercise: 1. Paige Kinley (W) 9.200; 2. Brooklyn Schuett (JCC) 9.175; 3. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 9.175; 4. Greta Johnson (H/RTR) 9.150; 5. Brielle Scheepstra (JCC) 9.100; 6. Hailey Teske (H/RTR) 9.100.

Hendricks/RTR Individual Results

Vault: Greta Johnson 9.050; Hailey Teske 8.875; Maddie Ekema 8.450; Brianna Bolish 8.100; Josie Olsen 7.150.

Uneven Bars: Hailey Teske 9.050; Greta Johnson 8.665; Brianna Bolish 7.525; Maddie Ekema 7.150; Cora Hofer 6.475.

Balance Beam: Hailey Teske 8.750; Greta Johnson 8.100; Brianna Bolish 7.225; Maddie Ekema 6.800; Haley Lorenz 6.300.

Floor Exercise: Greta Johnson 9.150; Hailey Teske 9.100; Maddie Ekema 8.700; Haley Lorenz 7.300; Brianna Bolish 7.000.

All-Around: Hailey Teske 35.775; Greta Johnson 34.950; Maddie Ekema 31.100; Brianna Bolish 29.850.

Marshall Individual Results

Vault: Nicole Deragisch 8.550; Meg Ellis 8.275; Kayla Nelson 8.125; Natalie Rademacher 8.000; Hailey Aguirre 8.000.

Uneven Bars: Kayla Nelson 6.825; Natalie Rademacher 6.400; Kami Love 6.050; Meg Ellis 5.925; Nicole Deragisch 5.400.

Balance Beam: Meg Ellis 7.475; Kami Love 7.150; Kayla Nelson 6.550; Natalie Rademacher 6.00; Nicole Deragisch 5.200.

Floor Exercise: Meg Ellis 7.800; Nicole Deragisch 7.575; Kami Love 7.525; Kayla Nelson 7.250; Natalie Rademacher 6.850.

All-Around: Meg Ellis 29.475; Kayla Nelson 28.750; Natalie Rademacher 27.650; Nicole Deragisch 26.725.