Keeping sidewalks clean

To the editor:

I am writing to thank all of the Marshall residents and businesses who fulfill their responsibility to keep their sidewalks clean throughout the winter. There are numerous active people throughout Marshall who use the sidewalks all year long, including this sub-zero winter. Thank you for caring enough so your fellow community members have a safe place to venture!

As for those businesses and residents who do not fulfill their responsibility to maintain their sidewalks throughout the winter, I highly encourage you to start now so 1) kids don’t have to twist an ankle trudging their way to school on frozen and uneven foot path trails, 2) runners and walkers don’t have to dodge cars as well as puddles when they are forced to use the streets, and 3) citizens with disabilities can use the sidewalks as intended.

Let’s continue to work to make Marshall sidewalks accessible to everyone all year long.

Kari Loft