PREP WRESTLING: Semler hangs on to earn state berth for Tigers

LUVERNE – It has been a decade since a Marshall freshman qualified for the Class 2A Individual Wrestling State Tournament.

On Saturday, Marshall/Lakeview 106-pound ninth-grader Toby Semler matched the feat Jason Jeramiason accomplished as a freshman competing at 103 pounds in 2004.

Semler, who scored a 5-3 decision over Sean Howk of New Ulm to become the runner-up at 106, needed to hold on with all of his might at the end.

“Just knowing there were 20 seconds left, it was so hard to do that,” said Semler, who did not let Howk out of his grasp at the end. “I was not about to let go because one lock can change that.”

Semler, who has been wrestling since his days in kindergarten, said this season has been a dream.

“I got to experience the MSHSL State Tournament from the stands last year,” Semler said. “I made it a personal goal. I just had to get there. You know, ever since then, I have been working so hard to get there.”

Marshall/Lakeview head coach Justin Bouwman threw his first into the air and smiled from ear-to-ear as Semler became the Tigers’ latest state qualifier.

“Toby has been working really hard since last summer and (qualifying for the state tournament) is something exciting to see him accomplish.” Bouwman said. “He is very good on his feet and he’s in position all of the time. If something doesn’t go his way right away, he does not get flustered.”

Bouwman said about watching Semler hold on, “I felt like I was squeezing just as hard.”

Semler was pinned by eventual 106-pound champion Hser Eh Pwae of Worthington 35 seconds into overtime of their semifinal match before the Tigers’ grappler took the third-place bout from Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United’s Peyton Mortenson with a 7-1 decision.

Since Semler and Howk had not faced each other at any other point in the section tournament, a true second-place match was necessary with a state berth on the line.

Semler was ahead for much of the match, scoring a first-period takedown for a 2-0 before giving up an escape for a 2-1 edge through 2 minutes.

In the second period, Semler used an escape to stretch his advantage to 3-1 before a takedown by Howk tied the match at 3-3. Semler added a pair of escapes to go ahead 5-3 before preserving the victory.

United, which came away with the most area section champions and eight state qualifiers overall, won four weight classes behind Jordan Bothun at 120, Logan Knoshal at 138, Keith Abraham at 152 and Jake Lehmann at 285.

Four of the five United wrestlers who dropped championship bouts went on to win true second-place matches to become state qualifiers. They included Bailey Eickhoff at 126, Spencer Suflow at 132, Mason Kwilinski at 160 and Joe Weeding at 170. At 113, Donny Bothun dropped the title match to Clayton Hartle of Fulda/Murray County Central before being pinned by Ryan Wacker of New Ulm in 3:28 of their true second-place bout.

Lehmann was not surprised by United’s success.

“We were very confident in about how we were going to do,” Lehmann said. “We have some experienced wrestlers who have been in the state tournament. I know Logan has been in it. Jordan has been in it. Keith has been there, along with Joe. With that experience on our side, we will see how it all plays out.”

Quad County had four state qualifiers and one section champion in Dylan Johnson at 145. Colten Specht (120), Kirby Winson (138) and Hayden Johnson (182) all finished as runners-up without competing for true second place.

At 220, the Sting’s Zach Fischer came through the wrestleback rounds to win a third-place match from Peter Abraham of Worthington by a 4-1 decision. But Fischer’s luck ran out in a true second-place bout, where Nelson ended his run at a state berth with a 3-1 decision in overtime.

Section champion Logan Axford of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton pinned Travis Ostby of Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta in 2:27 to become the Panthers’ only state qualifier.

Hartle was the only state qualifier for Fulda/Murray County Central.



At Luverne


Championship: Hser Eh Pwae (Worthington) decision Sean Howk (New Ulm), 2-0.

True second place: Toby Semler (Marshall/Lakeview) decision Sean Howk (New Ulm), 5-3.

Third place: Toby Semler (Marshall/Lakeview) decision Peyton Mortenson (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 7-1.

Fifth place: Riley Baker (Luverne) pinned Matt Munsterman (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta), 5:58.


Championship: Clayton Hartle (Fulda/Murray County Central) decision Donny Bothun (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 3-2.

True second place: Ryan Wacker (New Ulm) pinned Donny Bothun (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 3:28.

Fourth place: Hser Moo Pwae (Worthington).

Fifth place: Jayden Renken (Luverne) won by injury default against Collin Steuber (Fairmont/Martin County West).


Championship: Jordan Bothun (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) decision Colton Specht (Quad County), 6-4, OT

True second place: None.

Third place: Will Natte (Luverne) pinned Chris Ettesvold (Fairmont/Martin County West), 0:34.

Fifth place: Nick Erbes (Marshall/Lakeview) decision Jon Gehl (Fulda/Murray County Central), 7-1.


Championship: Anthony Luft (Worthington) technical fall Bailey Eickhoff (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 21-6.

True second place: Bailey Eickhoff (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) decision Cody Hess (Luverne), 8-4.

Third place: Cody Hess (Luverne) decision Caleb Christian (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove), 6-2.

Fifth place: Eric Bommersbach (Redwood Valley/Cedar Mountain) decision Ethan Thein (Quad County), 6-4.


Championship: Logan Axford (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove) pinned Travis Ostby (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta), 2:27.

True second place: None.

Third place: Spencer Suflow (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) major decision Matt Facile (Marshall/Lakeview), 11-2.

Fifth place: Adam Fodness (Luverne) major decision Austin Friese (Quad County), 12-2.


Championship: Logan Knoshal (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) major decision Kirby Winson (Quad County), 12-1.

True second place: None.

Third place: Austin Brandes (New Ulm) decision Jordan Mann (Redwood Valley/Cedar Mountain), 8-0.

Fifth place: Nathan Beech (Fulda/Murray County Central) decision Brent Breczinski (Marshall/Lakeview), 3-2.


Championship: Dylan Johnson (Quad County) pinned Myles Smith (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta), 2:59.

True second place: Myles Smith (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta) major decision Solomon Nielsen (Luverne), 14-5.

Third place: Solomon Nielson (Luverne) major decision Ramzi Gregoire (Marshall/Lakeview), 11-2.

Fifth place: Elijah Gronewald (Fairmont/Martin County West) pinned Jagger Hoffmann (New Ulm), 1:08.


Championship: Keith Abraham (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) decision Joe Weber (Fairmont/Martin County West), 7-5, OT.

True second place: Joe Weber (Fairmont/Martin County West) major decision Vince Riley (Worthington), 12-1.

Third place: Vince Riley (Worthington) decision Cole Hatch (Quad County), 6-1.

Fifth place: Matt Hartley (New Ulm) decision Sterling Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove), 4-1.


Championship: Zach Kempema (Worthington) decision Mason Kwilinski (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 8-4.

True second place: Mason Kwilinski (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) decision Tanner Lange (Fairmont/Martin County West), 3-1.

Third place: Tanner Lange (Fairmont/Martin County West) decision Wyatt Hatch (Quad County), 9-5, OT.

Fifth place: Chase Rahe (Redwood Valley/Cedar Mountain) pinned Riley Shelgren (New Ulm), 3:10.


Championship: Blake Schroeder (Worthington) decision Joe Weeding (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 5-3, OT.

True second place: Joe Weeding (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) technical fall Sam Hoppe (New Ulm), 15-0.

Third place: Sam Hoppe (New Ulm) decision Jordan Thooft (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta), 6-4.

Fifth place: Harlen Luhmann (Fairmont/Murray County West) pinned Brandon Appel (Marshall/Lakeview), 3:39.


Championship: Spencer Oeltjenbruns (Luverne) major decision Hayden Johnson (Quad County), 11-3.

True second place: None.

Third place: Anthony Quigley (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) pinned Cole Wilfahrt (New Ulm), 3:14.

Fifth place: Aaron Nelson (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta) won by injury default against Cody Anderson (Redwood Valley/Cedar Mountain).


Championship: Kory Brown (Fairmont/Martin County West) decision Carsen Hagen (Worthington), 5-4.

True second place: Carsen Hagen (Worthington) pinned Lorenzo Hernandez (New Ulm), 5:23.

Third place: Lorenzo Hernandez (New Ulm) decision Markus Kranz (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 7-3.

Fifth place: Dalton Jacobsma (Luverne) pinned Matt Vinson (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta), 1:57.


Championship: Luis Figeuroa (Fairmont/Martin County West) decision David Nelson (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United), 6-3.

True second place: David Nelson (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) decision Zach Fischer (Quad County), 3-1, OT.

Third place: Zach Fischer (Quad County) decision Peter Abraham (Worthington), 4-1.

Fifth place: Braxton Greenwaldt (New Ulm) decision Kenny Her (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove), 2-1.


Championship: Jake Lehmann (Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley/Montevideo United) pinned Logan Zaske (Redwood Valley/Cedar Mountain), 2:26.

True second place: Logan Zaske (Redwood Valley/Cedar Mountain) pinned Trevor Wietzema (Worthington), 5:54.

Third place: Trevor Wietzema (Worthington) decision Lane Anderson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove), 3-1.

Fifth place: Adrian Mosocoffian (Fairmont/Martin County West) pinned Jacob Sperr (Morris Area/Hancock Area/Chokio-Alberta), 2:48.