PREP WRESTLING: Vikings have seven wrestlers going to Xcel Center

PIPESTONE – After claiming the Class A Section 3 Tournament team title last weekend, the Minneota/Lincoln HI wrestling team was aiming to carry over the team’s success in the Section 3 individual tournament.

“I was hoping that the guys would come in and just wrestle well, especially coming off an emotional tournament the weekend prior,” said Minneota/Lincoln HI head coach Joel Skillings.

The Vikings did just that, claiming one title and six second-place finishes as seven grapplers earned a spot in the individual wrestling state tournament.

Alec Engler was the lone champion for Minneota/Lincoln HI, grabbing a first-place finish at 145 pounds. Engler used two takedowns and an escape to defeat Jack Citrowske 5-1 in the finals.

“I came out a little flat in the semifinals, but I squeaked by with a 3-0 decision and just kept working in the finals,” said Engler. “I am comfortable with what I have been doing in practice and I thought I was well prepared.”

The Vikings had six other individuals qualify for the state tournament with second-place finishes at the section tournament.

At 106, Brock Buysse earned a 13-0 decision over Jared Knutson of Benson in the semifinals, but lost a 4-1 heartbreaker to Skylar Hieronimus of Adrian in the finals. Eric Hauswedell grabbed a 9-second pin and a 9-0 decision in the opening rounds to advance to the finalsm but was defeated by Cody Peters of Kerkoven-Murdock-Sunburg.

At 138, Bryce Bruner fell 8-4 to section champion Tony Lynn of Adrian and earned a 7-2 decision over Grant Ascheman of Benson in the true second-place match to earn his place in the tournament. Nicholas Esping earned a second place finish defeating Ben Matter of Windom and Bryce Goff of Benson, but was defeated 4-2 in the finals by Brady Bos of Pipestone Area.

Cole Hennen lost an 8-3 decision in the finals at 160., but came back to defeat Andrew Larson of Windom 5-1 to claim a true second finish. At 285, Trent Esping was pinned by Alex Schroepfer in the finals, but avenged his loss with a 3:26 pin over Canby’s Adam Evenson in the true second match to hold on to his second place finish.

The Vikings will compete in both the individual and team brackets of the state tournament.

“I am hoping to win it since that has been my goal since I was little and I hope I can live up to it,” said Engler. “But I would rather win state as a team than an individual.”

Also earning trip to the state tournament include Canby’s Christian Full and Wabasso/Red Rock Central’s Jordan Welch, Jordan Schroepfer and Alex Schroepfer.

Full picked up two pins in the opening rounds before finding himself in the 182 finals, where he earned a 7-2 decision over Will Smith of Pipestone Area.

“Last year I got second and I wanted to be on top of the podium this time,” said Full.

Alex Schroepfer had an impressive performance for the Bobcats, wrestling a little more than 2 minutes in the entire tournament. He earned pins in 1:44, 12 seconds and 9 seconds to secure the title and earn a trip to state.

“I feel like I went out there and did my job,” said Schroepfer. “I just go out there and take what they give me and see if I can get a pin right away, that’s what I did.”

Schroepfer took fifth at last year’s tournament and hopes to improve in this year’s standings.

“It my last year so I just have to go big or go home,” said Schroepfer.

Jordan Welch and Jordan Schroepfer took home second-place finishes at 220 and 170, respectively. Jordan Schroepher earned a 32-second pin in a true second match over Travis Lamecker of KMS to keep his season alive. Welch fell to Trevor Nissen of BOLD in the finals.

All state qualifiers will compete in the Class A Individual Wrestling State Tournament on Friday and Saturday at the Xcel Center in St. Paul. Minneota/Lincoln HI meets Jackson County Central in the quarterfinals of the Class A Team Wrestling State Tournament on Thursday at the same location.



At Pipestone Area


Championship: Skylar Hieronimus (Adrian Area) decision Brock Buysse (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 2-1.

True second place: None.

Third place: Jared Knutson (Benson) decision Even Wiens (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 6-4.

Fifth place: Tyson Doubler (Wabasso/Red Rock Central) decision Payton Viessman (Canby), 2-0.


Championship: Michael Suda (Pipestone Area) decision Wyatt Stevens (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 6-3.

True second place: None.

Third place: Eric Hauswedell (Minneota/Lincoln HI) pinned Jonathon Tostenson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 3:43.

Fifth place: Greg Kern (Adrian Area) decision Wyatt Johansen (Canby), 7-1.


Championship: Spencer Jenniges (Wabasso/Red Rock Central) decision Joe Fischenich (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 9-4.

True second place: Joe Fischenich (Windom/Mountain Lake Area) pinned Casey Thorson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 3:20.

Third place: Casey Thorson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Konnor King (Canby), 7-2.

Fifth place: Ryan Elias (Adrian Area) decision Garrett Ploeger (Pipestone Area), 6-0.


Championship: Cody Peters (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Landyn VanOverbeke (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 8-4.

True second place: None.

Third place: Brett Grund (Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart/Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian) decision Quentin Beiningen (Canby), 9-2.

Fifth place: Logan Nelson (Adrian Area) pinned Justin Frank (Wabasso/Red Rock Central), 5:43.


Championship: Jared Wilaby (Windom/Mountain Lake Area) pinned Jordan Engler (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 5:02.

True second place: Michael Preuss (Adrian Area) decision Jordan Engler (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 7-6.

Fourth place: Mitchell Fulton (Wabasso/Red Rock Central).

Fifth place: Benny Garcia (Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart/Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian) decision Aaron Zosel (Benson), 8-2.


Championship: Tony Lynn (Adrian Area) decision Bryce Bruner (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 8-4.

True second place: Bryce Bruner (Minneota/Lincoln HI) decision Grant Ascheman (Benson), 7-2.

Third place: Grant Ascheman (Benson) decision Aaron Collins (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 9-2.

Fifth place: Jacob Haubrich (Pipestone Area) decision Caleb Kemp (Wabasso/Red Rock Central), 4-2.


Championship: Alex Engler (Minneota/Lincoln HI) decision Jack Citrowske (Canby), 5-1.

True second place: Nicholas Meyer (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Jack Citrowske (Canby), 11-4.

Fourth place: Walker Kor (Pipestone Area).

Fifth place: Jacob Suess (Windom/Mountain Lake Area) won by forfeit against Josh Altermatt (Wabasso/Red Rock Central).


Championship: Brady Bos (Pipestone Area) decision Nicholas Esping (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 4-2.

True second place: None.

Third place: Bryce Goff (Benson) pinned Ben Matter (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 5:28.

Fifth place: Fred Mansfield (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) won by forfeit against Matthew Slater (Adrian Area).


Championship: Zachary Carlson (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Cole Hennen (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 8-3.

True second place: Cole Hennen (Minneota/Lincoln HI) pinned Andrew Larson (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 5-1.

Third place: Andrew Larson (Windom/Mountain Lake Area) decision Allan Hachmann (Pipestone Area), 5-1.

Fifth place: Mitch Koosman (Benson) major decision Ben Steffel (Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart/Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian), 13-5.


Championship: Jesse Slater (Adrian Area) decision Jordan Schroepfer (Wabasso/Red Rock Central), 4-2.

True second place: Jordan Schroepfer (Wabasso/Red Rock Central) pinned Travis Lamecker (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 0:32.

Third place: Travis Lamecker (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Grant Abraham (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 11-4

Fifth place: Matt Wieber (Benson) pinned Michael Petersen (Canby), 0:39.


Championship: Christian Full (Canby) decision Will Smith (Pipestone Area), 7-2.

True second place: Will Smith (Pipestone Area) decision Karter VanHeuveln (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 7-6.

Third place: Karter VanHeuveln (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Ben Taracena (Adrian Area), 3-2.

Fifth place: Issac Cloos (Ortonville) decision Jake Junker (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 4-2.


Championship: Vince Johnson (Windom/Mountain Lake Area) decision Chase Norton (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg), 3-1.

True second place: Chase Norton (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Manuel Garcia (Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart/Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian), 3-1.

Third place: Manuel Garcia (Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart/Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian) pinned Cole Regnier (Canby), 2:55.

Fifth place: Dylan Gyberg (Adrian Area) decision Cody Coulter (Wabasso/Red Rock Central), 3-0.


Championship: Trevor Nissen (Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart/Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian) pinned Jared Welch (Wabasso/Red Rock Central), 6:13.

True second place: None.

Third place: Tony Sieve (Adrian Area) decision Blake Wolters (Pipestone Area), 10-5.

Fifth place: Colton Kinney (Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg) decision Bryce Gorder (Canby), 8-3.


Championship: Alex Schroepfer (Wabasso/Red Rock Central) pinned Trent Esping (Minneota/Lincoln HI), 0:09.

True second place: Trent Esping (Minneota/Lincoln HI) pinned Adam Evenson (Canby), 3:26.

Third place: Adam Evenson (Canby) decision Derik Evans (Pipestone Area), 1-0.

Fifth place: Derreck Pilatzki (Ortonville) pinned Julio Gutierrez (Windom/Mountain Lake Area), 1:07.