Here’s a thought for Feb. 28

Marshall Evangelical Free Church

Thoughts from Pastor Don:

Physical pain will call out of my soul what is there; either the child at rest in the arms of his heavenly Father or the churning of self that still feels its need for control and the need to cease striving and know that he is God.

The closer I draw near to the heart of God, the clearer the idols of my heart become.

The other person does not create the anger present in my soul. The other person reveals the anger present in my soul.

The distribution of the work of ministry to others was the cry of Jethro for his son-in-law, Moses. The recognition that the laborers willing to work in ministry are few was the prayer cry of Jesus.

Fasting is like a fire to silver revealing the dross in my life that needs to be cut off.

A smile is an incredibly powerful thing.

Obey God in the obvious, and he will lead you in the obscure.

God is the God who is real and not the God that I might feel.

Abraham trusted God with the impossible. Gideon struggled to trust God at all. God mightily used them both.

Constant vigilance in needed. Satan is not concerned with how long it takes me to stumble; only that I do.

In relationships, what appears is often not what is.

One of the greatest things in the world is encouragement.

Financial planning must include the heart of Proverbs 23:4-5.

Prayer is communion with God and partnering in his sovereign rule over all things.

Praise God that he does not answer my prayers according to my will, but to his.

Praise God that some of my prayers, he does not answer at all.

If David’s music could drive evil spirits from King Saul, I should never underestimate the incredible power of worship in my life.

God is good. Life is hard. The cross gives hope. Heaven is sure.