Getting some exposure

By Cindy Votruba

MARSHALL – Every year, the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council highlights the creativity of high school students around Lyon County.

The annual Lyon County Art Stars exhibit will be Tuesday through April 11 at the MAFAC arts center. The exhibit features artwork of high school students from Marshall, Marshall East Campus Learning Alternatives, Lakeview and Minneota.

Minneota art teacher Scott Hanson said the exhibit is great for the students to get exposure beyond their school. A couple of years ago, one of his students actually sold a ceramics piece, a rabbit.

“That was the big news around school,” Hanson said.

MHS seniors Alatera McCann and Ryan Schultz are a couple of students who will have works in the upcoming exhibit. McCann has been part of the Art Stars exhibit in the past, and this year, she’s taken ceramics at the high school. She said it’s become her favorite.

“I’ve always enjoyed the hands-on sculptural aspects,” McCann said. “I love it, I absolutely love it.”

Schultz will have some of his digital photography at the exhibit after taking a class in it at the high school.

“I really enjoy that class a lot. I really love the creativity,” Schultz said.

McCann also has taken digital photography at MHS. She said you can take something that looks average, like a table, and by using a different perspective, make it look a little different.

“You take a whole different look at photography than just a quick snap with a phone,” Schultz said.

One of the photos Schultz will have in the show is where he put the shutter speed at a slow setting and then took it while carefully driving around a curve. He said the effect made it look like there was a blaze of light.

“By the end of the class, I ended up taking my camera everywhere,” Schultz said.

McCann plans on going to school for secondary level art education at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, along with four possible minors, graphic communication, art history, math and business.

Taking art classes throughout her high school years has been beneficials, McCann said.

“It really has shaped me,” McCann said. She started out high school with drawing, then learned design and other aspects of art. This year, she’s picked the subject she enjoys, sculpture.

“I end up with more creative ideas with sculpture,” McCann said. She said her grandmother painted ceramics, and family friends worked with sculpture and pottery, which was kind of an influence.

One of McCann’s future ceramics projects include a chess set.