Board of Education

February 28, 2014

The Board of Education of Independent School District #413, Marshall Public Schools met for their regular meeting in the Professional

Development Room of the District Administration Office on 18-

February-2014. Chairman Chapman called the meeting to order and the roll call showed Chapman, Coleman, Mulso (left at 6:03 pm),

Kovash, VanKeulen and Wilson present.

Discussion held on: adding BEATS as a Marshall Public School sponsored activity.

Action was taken on: Approval of the 2013-2014 Certified Seniority List, Approval of Non-Renewed Teaching Staff, Authorization for Facility

Adequacy Study, Approval of Lynd Tuition Agreement, Approval of

14-15 SW/WC Contracts, and Personnel.

The board moved to a closed meeting to discuss the matter of negotiations.

This is a summary of the meeting. Complete minutes are on file at the District Administration Office, available at