City of Marshall issues snow emergency declaration

The city of Marshall has declared a snow removal emergency beginning at 12:01 p.m. today through noon on Friday for the purposes of removing snow from the streets in town in response to Tuesday’s snowfall.

Snow removal operations will proceed from downtown areas, emergency snow removal routes to all major streets, and finally residential areas. The downtown area and other signed snow emergency areas will be ticketed and towed, and all other routes will be ticketed.

The city is requesting residents remove their vehicles from all street areas to allow crews to remove snow from the streets. Motorists should exercise caution and allow plenty of separation (at least 50 feet) between snow removal equipment and your vehicle. Snow removal equipment might be on your street multiple times during the clean-up of the recent snowfall.

The city will not clear bike paths until snow removal is completed in other priority areas.

Other winter parking restrictions can be found at under Public Works, Street Department.