Art with some edge

MARSHALL – She may be only a sophomore, but Carly Schneider already has had two public exhibits for her artwork.

Schneider is a student at Marshall High school, and her work has been on display twice at the Daily Grind, with the most recent during the month of February.

Schneider said that when she was in the eighth grade, her art just took off.

“I realized it was a good way to channel emotions,” she said. She started out with mostly drawing and some painting.

Schneider said a good deal of emotion does go into her artwork.

“I’d say it’s like an outlet,” she said. Schneider said she’ll draw portraits of people and things that she likes, and that her artwork that has improved in the last couple of years.

For her exhibit at the Daily Grind last fall, Schneider said she pretty much had to look for art that would work. Schneider displayed paintings in fall colors, including one of a coffee cup.

“That’s still up there (at the Daily Grind),” Schneider said. “I gave it to them.”

Earlier this year, Roberta Wyatt, the owner of the Daily Grind, had another exhibit idea for Schneider for February.

“It has to do with Valentine’s Day with a little bit of a twist,” Schneider said. “Roberta came up with the idea, and I went off that.” Schneider said she created roughly 10 pieces for the February exhibit.

The artworks for the February exhibit had a darker, anatomical look at Valentine’s Day, including a painting that contained a human heart. Schneider said it’s a different take of emotions around Valentine’s Day.

But not all of her work is dark. Schneider said there was a light-hearted one of a skeleton with the message “I feel you in my bones.”

“I’m super grateful to Roberta for an opportunity to do that,” Schneider said.

Schneider said she’s been lucky to be able to get into art classes at MHS, taking Drawing I and design. She’s currently in ceramics.

Schneider describes her work as kind of a little bit edgy but still fun.

“Something that’s a little bit different,” Schneider said.

Schneider said that she’s gotten mostly good feedback on her art.

“It’s usually positive, but sometimes people will be wary because it is different,” Schneider said.

Schneider will also work on art outside of the classroom.

“My room is full of easels whenever I want to use them,” she said.

Schneider still has two years before she graduates from high school, but she thinks art will be in her future. And she recommends it highly.

“For anyone, it’s (art) a great thing to do, even as a hobby,” Schneider said.