County must think we have too much money

To the editor:

It is always interesting to read about the Twin Lakes Park project developments, as our family has lived and farmed in this area for almost 100 years.

And now we have issues with the curves on the road according to Lyon County Highway Engineer VanMoer.

He proposes senseless spending by changing the curves. The lake road, County Road 51, is a 35-mile-an-hour road, but he states people cannot make it through the curves with their boats without taking up both lanes. The simple truth of the matter is if they need both lanes they don’t belong on the road, period! Countless of us taxpayers with large trucks use that road and the curves without any issues. And guess what else? Countless of us taxpayers are also sick and tired of major tax increases every year for wasteful projects like changing road curves that are just fine.

Jeffrey Bakker

West Twin Lake, Tyler