Schwan’s given 32 citations involving Georgia plant

ATLANTA (AP) – Federal regulators have issued 32 citations to Schwan’s Global Supply Chain Inc. involving the Schwan Food Co.’s Atlanta facility.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration describes the 32 citations for Schwan’s Global Supply Chain Inc. as “serious safety and health violations.”

Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc., is the manufacturing arm of The Schwan Food Co. and produces the products marketed and sold by Schwan and by a variety of external customers, according to the company’s web site. Global Supply Chain also moves materials and products between plants and other locations. Besides Georgia, there are plants in Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Officials said two other companies providing maintenance and staffing services for Schwan’s were cited for 18 safety and health violations.

In an email to the Independent on Wednesday afternoon, Schwan responded, saying: “At Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, we are committed to ensuring the safety of employees and contractors who work at our facilities. While we do not agree with the findings, we are taking this matter seriously, and we are working through this process with OSHA to ensure the safest environment possible for our people.”

OSHA inspectors say the employers failed to provide adequate training for employees to work safely with ammonia.

The agency said other citations involved machines and protective equipment it deemed unsafe; training issues; blocked and mismarked exits in hazardous areas; and other hazards.

The Marshall-based company that started in 1948 manufactures frozen foods sold under several brand names.

In Atlanta, nearly 500 workers produce dough, cookies and pie crusts.