A Twist on Twain

MARSHALL – A young man is transported back in time to the days of King Arthur where people don’t know what to make of him.

The Marshall Area Christian Home Educators Association is presenting “A Connecticut Yankee: The Musical” at 7 p.m. Thursday-Friday, March 20-21, at the Lake Benton Opera House. The show is an adaptation of the book by Mark Twain.

Director Mike Hulsizer said there are 27 students taking part in the musical.

“It’s great” working with the students, Hulsizer said. “They’re excited to be here and working very hard.”

The main character Hank, played by David Black, is time-traveled into the Dark Ages.

“The fact that I meet King Arthur is a clue that I’m zapped back,” Black said. “That’s a huge culture shock right there.”

Black said his character is interesting.

“He’s kind of snappy and willing to pick a fight but doesn’t have the capability to finish it,” Black said.

Bethany Larsen, who portrays a “not so normal” knight, said she wasn’t into plays when she was younger but now she likes to have the chance to express herself.

“The storyline, it’s very fun,” Larsen said about the musical.

“This story has a fun twist to it,” Lydia Bader said. She plays Merlin in the show.

Calvin Bader, who plays Sir Lancelot, said his character is “charming and brave” and that taking on the role was a little challenging.

“The lines are a little bit hard to learn,” Calvin Bader said.

Lydia Bader said the same about her character.

“There’s a lot more memorization than I thought there would be,” Lydia Bader said.

For the last month and a half, the students have rehearsed the entire show twice a week. With just a few days before showtime, the rehearsals will increase.

“Sometimes, you don’t think of homeschoolers doing plays,” said Lydia Bader.

Merlin is a mix of emotions, Lydia Bader said.

“She’s trying to work for someone, she doesn’t enjoy it, and she wants to rule herself,” Lydia Bader said.

The kids said being part of a musical has been a way for them to come together and be part of a fun activity.

“You get to know everybody better,” Larsen said.

“This gives all the kids the chance to be in theater,” Black said.

“It gives the kids the opportunity to be in front of people, get them out of their comfort zone,” said Malachi Breczinski, who plays King Arthur.

“It’s been really good for boosting all of our confidences, and it’s just a really good opportunity,” said LeAnna Lindstrom, who plays Queen Guinevere. “It’s just nice to come together and have the same mindset.”

Lindstrom said getting her particular role was a surprise.

“I wasn’t expecting to get that part,” Lindstrom said. “(It’s been) fun to get into that role. It’s been perfect.”

At first, Lindstrom was nervous about memorizing all those lines for her part.

“It’s amazing how it all comes together,” Lindstrom said.