Faith in action for March 28

Holy Redeemer Church

Several years have passed since Holy Redeemer made an intentional decision to engage the members of our community through a book program. “Dynamic Catholic” was chosen. As a side note, we have kept our other programs going in worship, youth ministry and formation, school, campus outreach and social justice. But intentionally, during this time, we have given away numerous books (500 at a time) of prayer and thought and have formed small groups for discussion and prayer. Dynamic Catholic’s website simply states:

The tide is going out on Catholicism (and I would add Christianity) in America. Catholics are leaving the Church at an alarming rate and disengagement among those who remain is staggeringly high. Growing numbers of Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith and filled with doubts about the modern relevance of Catholicism. Dwindling Mass attendance, scarcity of vocations and Catholic school closures are just a few of the signs. The sad truth is that most Catholics have never really been shown the genius of Catholicism and how it could animate their lives. Business as usual will not turn the tide. In fact, business as usual will not even stem the tide. We need to start thinking on a whole new level. We need game-changers. Our Response: At The Dynamic Catholic Institute we believe that millions of ordinary Catholics want to be involved in a movement that provides a game-changing strategy for the church today. We are passionate about finding a way for every Catholic to play a role in the great renewal that everyone knows the Catholic church desperately needs.

Catholic Dynamic’s motto: Be Bold. Be Catholic.

At Christmas time we gave away the book “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic” by Matthew Kelly. The four signs are: prayer, study, generosity and evangelization. Prayer: routine, silent, intentional, becoming prayer giants. Study: seeking the truth, overcoming relativism (no absolutes, everything is relative, whatever you like is simply the best), becoming continuous learners. Generosity: gratitude for gifts received, stewardship, becoming a gracious giver. Evangelization: too passive not active, self-control, virtuous living, game-changers, becoming an intentional promoter of the faith.

At the beginning of the Lenten season we sponsored our annual Mission. Jon Leonetti was our featured presenter. He spoke at the weekend Masses and then for three evenings to a 600-person audience. Our Easter book giveaway will be “Mission of the Family” by Jon Leonetti. It will be a refresher and continuation of our mission.

Our intentional decision to engage the members of our community through the work of Dynamic Catholic and Word on Fire organizations has only begun. We are welcoming present and disengaged members, as well as those seeking a home to join with us in the journey to worship, practice, learn and become game-changers in our quest for Jesus and his church.