Last-minute tax filing information

With the new changes to Minnesota State tax law, Western Community Action will be holding state returns until April 3. Waiting this short period of time allows for timely processing of the return once it’s submitted, and ensures that the taxpayer does not have to wait any longer than necessary to receive their tax refund. The Minnesota Department of Revenue has provided general guidance to help identify which taxpayers will be affected by the change.

Taxpayer’s with children

Homeowners (current and prior)

K-12 teachers and school employees

Post-secondary students (current and graduated)

Taxpayer’s 70.5 and older

Taxpayer’s who participated in employer reimbursement programs

If you have already filed your return, the Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDOR) will review it. In some cases, these newly allowable deductions and credits will create a larger tax refund.

If you qualify for a new deduction or credits, one of three things will happen after MDOR review:

MDOR will adjust your return, if possible. They will send you a letter explaining the adjustment and send you a refund.

MDOR will request more information from you. They will use that information to adjust your return, if possible. They will send you a letter explaining the adjustment and send you a refund.

If MDOR cannot adjust your return, they will notify you that you will need to file an amended return to get the benefits of these tax law changes. MDOR advises that taxpayers not amend their return for these new deductions or credits until notified that it is needed.

Western Community Action’s Free Tax Preparation Clinics remain open for scheduled sessions through the remainder of the regular filing season. With a tremendous response this year, we may be holding an additional session or two in order to serve all remaining eligible taxpayers this year. For more information on how to make an appointment or about newly scheduled tax sessions, please contact Western Community Action at 507-537-1416, press 7, and then wait for the prompt to make an appointment for our tax clinic. The Free Tax Preparation Clinics of Western Community Action are made possible by grants from the Internal Revenue Service, the Minnesota Department of Revenue and The United Way of Southwest Minnesota.