The values of an individual

To the editor:

Toward the end of the lengthy syndicated column “Hobby Lobby case a slippery slope” (April 1, 2014) the writer states, “If a Hobby Lobby executive has no interest in contraceptive care, good for her. but they do not get to make those decisions for everybody else. One hopes the Supremes (a reference to members of the Supreme Court) get that.”

Some health insurance policies include dental care. Others do not. Some home owners decide to have maximum coverage. Others do not.

Should the religious values shared by those who wrote the Affordable Care Act “be imposed on thousands of us?”

As the writer concludes, “…the notion that the company (insert Affordable Care Act) should have a say in such matters (“women’s contraceptive choices”) is anathema to our ideals of individual liberty and yes, religious freedom.”

Some colleges and universities choose to regularly distribute condoms to students on their dormitory floors. Others do not.

Which action best protects and reflects the values of the individual?

Trudy Madetzke